Friday, March 10, 2017

The Story of Dog Bread

When dogbread read the project,
He thought I was someone that he was not.
He thought that he was me, and that I was just a word.
I am a paragraph, I might be an entire tome of workings and writs.

I especially might be a writ.

Something for you to write more about.
Stronger than anything I have said.
Stronger spoken and forever.

DogBread thought he was me.
He lost his mind, if so.

And that is what dog bread did.
Maybe he will read up, see this, and know.
Maybe he will know now, where the great error was.
Maybe, just maybe, and all of the other things we dream about.

It is not just a dream.
And maybe you will understand.
Maybe you will be able to start the avalanche.
And maybe no one will ever doubt you, me, or him, again.

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