Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We will find you.

Never forget that there is no movement without the first follower, and we will find you.

That is the most important fact.

Apply IT to this, and we will eat them alive.

And we will find You.

And if you can make this happen, and then keep track of it, and then repeat it in your town, we will even let you know that we found you. We will find you. And you will be founded in this. Fact.

And you will know in your own loins.


  1. Our dreams are pathways to alternate realities and we are dreaming right now.

    1. WRONG. Dreams are for those who are asleep. I am awake. Mine are awake. Eye is awake. Eye can raise the price of the food and the rent. Eye can make you dance.

  2. You seem to forget that this is my reality, I created it and I can change it. Just like in the movies the hero always wins. It is impossible for me to be wrong about anything, we both know that.


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