Saturday, October 29, 2016

A new reader is passing through.

Back in the early days, I could never make this post.
There were new readers in the 100s every day.
Now? I notice when a new reader reads.
A new reader is reading now.
Hello new reader.

It won't be long before he or she understands.

God Bless the Ones Who Read.

Thank you for reading.

Yes, I made it crazy.
I made it nuts.

In so few words,
I made it only for the special people.

You are my special people,
we are all the special people.
But not in a little yellow bus way.


  1. Special people dont wont to be special or see themselves as special. I dont see myself as different even though, deep down, I know I am.

    1. Now you can see yourself as special, with an approved comment. Now, you can see that you did want to be seen as special, due to the language in it. I ain't hating - you are special. You really are. I got the message you sent. I love you bro, I am glad you are doing better. That's not me you hear out there. I just am them so it seems the same.

  2. I spoke to dog bread yesterday, am I right in who I think you are and where you might be? Do you think I should delete my reddit account and start another one or just delete and not make another one? Does it matter?

  3. Scared what's happening in our world. I came here to see through your eyes, just makes me more scared, still :/ there isn't much anyone can do to prepare for what's going to happen next. Live in fear, or live in internal bubble that eventually will burst. Unless one is oblivious to the turmoil this world is in, there is no in between. On a scale of one to 10. I'm always a 3 floating.

  4. It is not supposed to scare you. Why are you scared? The internal bubble is earth, it will burst from the sun sooner than the sun engulfs it - but why are you scared? Science can't answer "why" - it can handle the rest of our questions, but not why. But that should not scare you either, because we definitely have time to finish this together.

    There is an in between.

    1. I mean, I think there is. If I am wrong, no harm no foul, we all die anyway, right? But I think there is an in between.


  5. I just want to thank you, you have all my respect.
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    And we also show the mystery of gta 5 with my group to share the mystery, only not as obvious and easy as you, we have another way to teach more complicated.
    Could you add me to skype to stay in touch? I really want you to read this. And talk to you, I repeat it just by reading two paragraphs you have my damn respect I think I know who you are.
    A greeting and a hug from iowa.

    PS: sorry if my English is bad, but my first language is Spanish.


  6. And apart from having that group we work in community :)


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