Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You think you're above the law.

You should start running.

Because "I'm" going to start hunting.

I got science behind me.

And no one wants to fuck with us.

Going quiet will not help.
But we appreciate your attempt.


  1. Ever thought about using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help yourself Brian? Could help you get out of your angry mindset you seem to have sometimes.

  2. From the Book of Genesis: God told Adam/Eve if they Eat form the Tree of Life they will DIE.

    Then god says "They have become like US, knowing Food and Evil. They must not eat from the Tree of Life or they will LIVE FOREVER.

    As the Serpent explained "You will not die!"

    And God's only explanation for not wanting US to eat form the Tree of Life is that we can have it much later if we wait till he accepts us into his Kingdom...

    So, basically, we can have it now, or we can wait, for some reason, to have it at God's place in the clouds. Why would anyone wait till they are dead. LOL.

    God is just like the government. "You can't have this information/knowledge, just wait till later and I'll give it to you. But, for now, I'll just keep it at my place for safety purposes, so as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands who would abuse it's power..."

    Knowledge is POWER. 1.21GW.


    No need to run and hide. All you are after is a physiological reaction which you no longer get from me.


  5. Delete the whole blog not just your recent rants.


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