Thursday, April 7, 2016

They still don't get it.

Because they are not supposed to get it.
So they are going to get it, and get it really hard.

Keep Singing.
Til it gets stuck.
Stuck in their head.

Proof that I did not lie.
Brand new so proof I did not lie.

You know who I am.
That is enough.

If you understand,
then you are with me.

And I am not with the ones who do not.


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    I see why he was assassinated. He started talking about economics. He was speaking on something that was totally taboo to American society. Well decades later and the entire human race is enslaved to branding and marketing. American Society has injected its poison into almost every corner of the world. He was also unveiling that the working class whites had been bamboozled into waring with black people. Its a smokescreen that still works today, Divide and conquer. This is a mind blowing speech, to see so many interconnections and ironies that are still relevant today!


  5. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. coming clean. long ago i said it doesn't matter if people don't understand or read my blog, the people who needed to see it ,already have. this is going to get a lot bigger very soon. and more free life motions, like food sharing instead of waste, etc, will continue - money must die, and they know it, that's why they earned it all: to kill it.



  8. Are you me ? ;)
    (Damn, if reddit finds it i'm dead)

  9. I see how you are using outside sources to show people the will work for some,I have my videos and own methods.....everyone has their own paths,it's up to the people that have graduated to flick our lighters on the wicks in their torches...some people's paths will be lit,some wont....but in time and with faith,we all will Unit


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I'd really rather you NOT believe ME than to have YOU believe THEM. THEY lied to you. THEY were paid to lie to you . I HAVE NOW DEFINED ...