Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You're a lot like me.

You're just a prisoner, trying to break free.

Can you see it?

Can you see a new horizon?

I was a prisoner back in 2004.

What changed? I'm free.

Looking into their eye, I know I'm right.

Can you see the eye?

Anything worth love is worth a fight.
We will only get one chance.

You know what I want,
now start listening.

Nothing we want is out of our reach now.

It's a shame that with all that I have confirmed,
no one has paid attention to the radio.

Those who do not understand spoken english will 
probably never understand this game's "secrets".
Not unless they are explained, at least.

Likewise, the people who don't listen to the game
and instead only play it, are the most doubtful and wrong.
Blame them.

I was clean and clear,
Even when not necessarily clean or clear.

Remember Tony Prince once said:
"There's ALWAYS a girl"

The girls help to hide the message,
from those who can't handle THE TRUTH.

Love songs that aren't really love songs.
You still don't understand?


  1. I have tried to talk about things you have hinted towards but nobody seems interested over there.


  2. Phew, I Broke Free!

    That silly job was holding me back anyways.Now the hard part is to single out a dream to chase.

    Sometimes i wish i wasn't as smart or concept grasping as i am because, it's hard to choose when you can literally do anything and be good at it.

    I envy the "Simple minded" sometimes. They seem to know their purpose in life whether it's a gas station attendant, or a Truck Driver, or whatever. they just know what their purpose in life is and find peace in it. "Ignorance is bliss" works for them.

    But i find myself feeling like Ghengis Khan more and more each day. The center of the universe. The owner of all that is Earthly.

    The feeling inside. The want to "Return" to my ancestral heritage and the world they were trying to hatch for me. It's overwhelming sometimes.

    Maybe it's time to come out of the shell? Maybe it's time for me to return for all those who have been waiting? Maybe it's time for me to be the "I" that i know i am, the one that everybody knows, but doesn't really believe lives in them?

    2016 is going to be an Epic year for me. Freedom is so Freeing.

    But, uh... anyone know of any good places hiring imaginative daydreamers besides Disney? yeah, me neither. Probably have to start my own thing.



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