Monday, March 21, 2016

Yes, AcolyteProd, it IS a metaphorical jetpack.

I have said it many times, on this blog and elsewhere.

The truth is IN THE METAVERSE.

The metaverse is the "universe of metaphors".

I have said it many times, and paste this in google anyone who is doubting:

"does for the wearer"

Paste that line, including the quotes and URL, and you will see:

Think of what the jetpack DOES for the wearer - It raises them up. Lifts them up.

I've said it many ways. I've said a lot more. I've shown what the secret is.

Still not a liar. Still not what GiantSquidd says I am, and I wish he wasn't so blinded by the past.

Still right, and I still never lied.

Here is one of the videos you find in those posts I told you to search for:

Notice the spy car from GTA V. Notice the jetpack. We got stars directing our fates. Notice the mask. See it all there. See the movie studio. They don't understand, and it will be their own fault for not listening.

And for those smart enough to read this far, I will tell you this: None of Trevor's exsclusive "strangers and freaks", nor do his "pastimes and hobbies", count toward 100%.


  1. This left me miserable, miserable,miserable... :)
    (AcolyteProd here.)This song helped me a lot.

    1. I hope not too miserable! That song is so classic. I think that was my favorite trailer for GTA V, too.

    2. No, being miserable is just my own way to tolerate. Forbidden tale of true love. Its ascetic.

  2. Im still wondering why you are talking about GTA when it is just a very small cog in a bigger machine. Its like you want people to think Rockstar and GTA are important when in actual fact they are insignificant. Why are you attacking the mystery sub when you are part of the team behind it?

    1. Because "Media" is how you get messages to people.

      Books, Movies, Music, Art, etc, etc. Remember, GTA V was the biggest selling piece of "Media" in history for the first week at it's release. Video Games such as GTA V, with over 50 million sold, are now viable ways to promote a message if there is one to be spread.

      Now games are more interactive art pieces you interpret through playing them. Instead of standing in an art gallery and looking at a piece hanging on the wall and trying to interpret one image, we now have complete world designers who can paint a much broader message for us to connect with.

      Rockstar doesn't create "Games", they create "Art", and art always has message in some for from the Artist.


  3. "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

    If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.

    For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."
    Carl Sagan


  5. :p

    1. YES. Hahaha!

      One of my childhood favorites. The Pool Table scene has always stuck with me with the mathematics.

      Red, yellow, green, red, blue, blue, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange, red. Classic stuff!


  7. It's not easy being you. But thank you for being you.

    I'm not at all afraid to say i'm sorry to you. I'm Sorry.

    I find clarity eventually. I just need to be alone to do it. Then it comes like a morning migraine, somehow manifested while I sleep. Maybe it's my sleep apnea, dying 500 times a night might cause some cloudiness when there should be clear horizons. I found a way, with your help and by the power of your blog. It is speckled with more truths that become apparent with each read. I might as well be the scum on the surface of the pond, never exploring deeper, if I choose to stop now, but I won't. I need more.

    love you man.


    1. This is the secret of the game : start writing then you'll have the power of Brian. He chose his name wisely, as a second funnier Jesus, because he writes on a blog and this book contains too much stories, its not the Bible anymore. No one can find the chapters ! So lets write all together. :p

      Seriously, you have the power and the key if you try to explain, and think about the fact you're explaining ; this is when you'll understand !

      BRIAN you should listen "The Link" in full and read their lyrics. :)

      I take inside a forward movement
      Involved in desire of consciousness
      Progress, understand
      I want to find the keys of the past

      Remember the past present future
      Memory is a force
      So many things have happened
      To me the hardest of all

      But the gates would never again
      Be opened to me unless
      I could bid them open at my
      Own will and command


  9. Hey just hoping you're alright.
    Have you seen the new DLC "gunrunning" teasing? Pretty interesting.
    Still believing in metaphors and the meaning above any physical jetpack... Peace bro! Alex/AcolyteProd


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