Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Very Merry Christmas

I had to wait a long time to make this post, to post again.
Let's begin the twelve days of Christmas.
This is not 12 days of posts.

Let's be real about this - what have you done?
Another year over, and a new one has just begun.
And so this is Christmas, 
I hope you have fun.

But let's look at Christmas at the other places

It will be like that in Aleppo,
It might even be like that in Paris for all "we" know.
Who knows?

I know better than you.
I am the one who survived.
I was very young and very angry.
Maybe - just maybe - that is no excuse?

You ruined me, you fuck.
But I will win, if people are smart.
And the only way you will win if they're gay.

Why don't you know yet?

Was it the rule against me on the subreddit?
Was it my flamboyant idiocracy of a writing style?
I had to be crazy then.
I had to.

I could not go too hard.

I mean, you really could not fault me,
I wanted to live to see my kid.

Have all the ones from GTA III through SA grown far too much up?

Someone has to still be there.
Is there anybody out there?

Look, if you listen to the radio, you will have the answers.



Let's just restart right here -

Sure, you can LOVE the songs, but LISTEN to IGGY.

This is only the beginning.
You can google GTA radio stations on your own.

Monday, November 7, 2016

You, hunter, need to watch this.

I mean, you don't have to. But big loving shout outs to KlausGaming for making it!

But look, you don't HAVE to watch this. You don't. You really don't. It might trigger some goodness for some of you, but none of you, at all, have to watch this gameplay.

I mean, really, if you don't watch it, probably no harm. But if you do, you might get it. You should play Stanley Parable, too. So you can understand the yellow line on the map (yellow in IV, a key aspect).

One key from one game opens a door in a completely separate game. A key isn't always for a door, though.


How long will it take? We'll probably all be dead by the time "this" works. By the time "we" are all free, "we" will all be dead, and only "they" will be free. "lol".

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We will find you.

Never forget that there is no movement without the first follower, and we will find you.

That is the most important fact.

Apply IT to this, and we will eat them alive.

And we will find You.

And if you can make this happen, and then keep track of it, and then repeat it in your town, we will even let you know that we found you. We will find you. And you will be founded in this. Fact.

And you will know in your own loins.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A new reader is passing through.

Back in the early days, I could never make this post.
There were new readers in the 100s every day.
Now? I notice when a new reader reads.
A new reader is reading now.
Hello new reader.

It won't be long before he or she understands.

God Bless the Ones Who Read.

Thank you for reading.

Yes, I made it crazy.
I made it nuts.

In so few words,
I made it only for the special people.

You are my special people,
we are all the special people.
But not in a little yellow bus way.

Friday, October 28, 2016

A death in the family.

A death in the family.
Rest in pieces, brother-brother.
They deserve you.
You deserved it.
Give it time.
A litte.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You think you're above the law.

You should start running.

Because "I'm" going to start hunting.

I got science behind me.

And no one wants to fuck with us.

Going quiet will not help.
But we appreciate your attempt.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some day...

Some day, when people are a little bit brighter... We'll walk in the rays of a beautiful son... And then I will tell you that you are all my brothers and sisters, and that those who said you weren't, were liars.


Monday, July 4, 2016


Like a comment, but much less pretentious.

Like my rifle, there will be many others like me.
They will be celebrated and loved. 

As they should be.

He who understands me, already had me inside of him. 

He is my brother.
She is my sister.
They are mine.
I am Theirs.

Y'all boys don't understand.
This all going as planned.

Juvenile - Follow me Now official music video

It will be reciprocal.
It will be new.
It will be.

Five Nights at Freddy's
Try Hard Ninja.
Follow Me

Eye am into representing.
Eye control it all.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

It is not the government who censors.

It is you, the society, who censors.
You, the society, who murders.
You, the society, who lies.

Monday, May 16, 2016

i dreamed i walked in heaven just the other night

I'm still right.
Mad scientists are still wrong.

I dreamed I walked in heaven just the other night
There was so much beauty so much light
Don't you wish it was true
Don't you wish it was true

An angel took my hand
Said you don't have to hurry
Got all the time in the world don't worry
Don't you wish it was true
Lord don't you wish it was true

But if tomorrow everybody was your friend
Anyone could take you in
No matter what or where you'd been
But if tomorrow everybody had enough
The world wasn't quite so rough
Lord don't you wish it was true

He said the worlds gonna change and it's startin' today
There'll be no more armies no more hate
Don't you wish it was true
Now don't you wish it was true

And all the little children would live happily
Ther'd be singin' and laughter and sweet harmony

Don't you wish it was true
Lord don't you wish it was true

But if tomorrow everybody under the sun
Who's happy just to live as one
No borders or battles to be won
But if tomoorow everybody was your friend
Happiness would never end
Lord Don't you wish it was true


But if tomorrow everybody under the sun
Who's happy just to live as one
No borders or battles to be won
But if tomorrow everybody was your friend
Happiness would never end
Lord don't you wish it was true
Lord don't you wish it was true



What a beautifyl day!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

They still don't get it.

Because they are not supposed to get it.
So they are going to get it, and get it really hard.

Keep Singing.
Til it gets stuck.
Stuck in their head.


Proof that I did not lie.
Brand new so proof I did not lie.

You know who I am.
That is enough.

If you understand,
then you are with me.

And I am not with the ones who do not.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My name is Eggsy

And Kingsmen are Gentlemen.

This job has been done for a long time, chaps.

Maximum RP.

I didn't do anything for credit. But I damn sure finished the job.

Eat shit, unsavables.

Eat them, savables.

Never Forget.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Yes, AcolyteProd, it IS a metaphorical jetpack.

I have said it many times, on this blog and elsewhere.

The truth is IN THE METAVERSE.

The metaverse is the "universe of metaphors".

I have said it many times, and paste this in google anyone who is doubting:

"does for the wearer" epsilonism.blogspot.com

Paste that line, including the quotes and URL, and you will see:

Think of what the jetpack DOES for the wearer - It raises them up. Lifts them up.

I've said it many ways. I've said a lot more. I've shown what the secret is.

Still not a liar. Still not what GiantSquidd says I am, and I wish he wasn't so blinded by the past.

Still right, and I still never lied.

Here is one of the videos you find in those posts I told you to search for:

Notice the spy car from GTA V. Notice the jetpack. We got stars directing our fates. Notice the mask. See it all there. See the movie studio. They don't understand, and it will be their own fault for not listening.


And for those smart enough to read this far, I will tell you this: None of Trevor's exsclusive "strangers and freaks", nor do his "pastimes and hobbies", count toward 100%.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Comparisons are Invalid... Again

Don't compare me to whizl, please.

And please understand that the things you are saying are not true.

I knew many things before I owned the game, and before others began saying them.

Timestamps prove it all.

Many posts on this blog pointed things out before anyone else ever thought of them, and many things in the subreddit and on gtaforums were first read on my blog or in emails with me and then repeated and took hold only because I said them.

The "Karma Theory" is something I said and the only reason I "spammed it all over the place" was because NO ONE was listening at all and I was the only person who believed in the possibility that "IF" there is something "extra" to unlock in this game, it would be unlocked by how you play it.

I am the source of many, many things, mystery related and not.

This mystery is only a mystery due to people not understanding the sights they are seeing and the sounds and dialogues they are hearing. Especially the soundtrack, the music, and the dee jays.

You must eventually come to understand this - one day, someone will prove that I did not just repeat things or look for attention - I was systematically shut out of the community by people who refused to hear me out and pushed to act in ways that, sure, were easily seen as overbearing, but anyone would behave that way with the small minority that attacked my character and turned so many people against me before anyone even understood what I was trying to say.

Some of those people fear the truth, knew I was not lying, knew the connections I make throughout this blog are real, and did not want any of you to see it for yourselves.

I was done dirty by those who speak down about my works in the same ways Scientology allegedly does people. The way that reddit does it, in any sub of controversial nature: I was attacked personally and pushed to a breaking point, and once I snapped, it was used against me.

You can lie all you want, but the truth will one day be understood by enough people, and this blog will stand as the first place much was ever said, and if you check timestamps, it is already a #FACT. No one has checked the timestamps and looked at all of it objectively yet. That's all.

This is not just who, what, where, and when word. This is My Word, this is Why word, and my word is golden, from the mouth of the dove, and carried by the trees.

I have made it possible to see through My Eye, and soon enough, everyone will be able to relate, and then everyone will be related.

"It happened to us all", they will say. And the caterpillar that was crushed did survive, and I will soon spread my wings and show you exactly who I Am. And I already have. You just have not looked for yourself, yet. Yet being the key word, and the timestamps being the proof. The truth is easy to discern when you are willing to face the music.

Let the shit hit you fans, once and for all of mankind to finally understand.

Let them fall faint, and when their bodies hit the floor, let them stand up strengthened, with the truth. I ain't mad at ya, but you know you did me dirty.

If you could be in my head and see through My eyes throughout all of this, you would know that this is the truth. And while that does not "prove" it, the timestamps do. Especially my works from 2004, but most especially these more targeted works.

I admit I obfuscated often enough, but I still never lied, and BRIAN IS STILL RIGHT.

You have no idea what it's like to read what you say about me, knowing in my heart and soul and with complete integrity that you are lying - whether you are aware of your wrongness or not, you are wrong about me, and as frustrating as it can be sometimes to be trapped in your subjective opinions over-riding the objective facts I have shared peppered all throughout this blog for all of those worthy to understand it, I am still happy. Happy I could help the ones who opened their mind, opened their eye, and began their journeys to understanding what is really going on here.

You have gravely miscalculated. And time, like the stamps on these blog posts and the other ones, will bring all dark things you do into the light. There will not be an answer that was not first recorded here. I told you that in 2013. I am still telling you that now.

The tears that have shed from my Eye throughout all of this, and these tears today, are not for self pity, they are not for me. These tears are for you, and all who you have deprived of a fair chance at understanding that mystery is only mystery until a thing is understood.

I know that you are wrong.
Eventually, everyone else will know that, too.
And hopefully, they will be as forgiving and understanding.


Circle in your head,
doubting the things that I have said.
It does not have to be this difficult.

Handle me differently.
Enough time has passed.
Just stop lying about me.
Even if you believe them,
those things you label me,
those things you tell them,
are not true.
Be True.

Integrity is Key.
Respect is Everything.

That being said:
I don't care if I wa first,
it's not about one person.
It's about one humanity.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You're a lot like me.

You're just a prisoner, trying to break free.

Can you see it?

Can you see a new horizon?


I was a prisoner back in 2004.

What changed? I'm free.

Looking into their eye, I know I'm right.

Can you see the eye?

Anything worth love is worth a fight.
We will only get one chance.

You know what I want,
now start listening.

Nothing we want is out of our reach now.


It's a shame that with all that I have confirmed,
no one has paid attention to the radio.

Those who do not understand spoken english will 
probably never understand this game's "secrets".
Not unless they are explained, at least.

Likewise, the people who don't listen to the game
and instead only play it, are the most doubtful and wrong.
Blame them.

I was clean and clear,
Even when not necessarily clean or clear.

Remember Tony Prince once said:
"There's ALWAYS a girl"

The girls help to hide the message,
from those who can't handle THE TRUTH.

Love songs that aren't really love songs.
You still don't understand?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You'll only get what you give.

Wake up, kids.
We've got the dreamer's disease.

You've got the music in you.
Like me.

Don't give up, you've got a reason to live.

You cannot find the light,
you feel your dreams are dying.
Hold tight.

Health insurance, rip offs lying.
FDA big bankers buying.
Fake computer crashes dining.
Cloning while their multiplying.

Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson.
Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson.
You're all fakes,
run to your mansions.
Come around us,
we'll kick your asses.



Don't let go.
I had the music in me.
You do, too.

You will only get what you give.


And I would like to apologize to Leslie.

Z viruses

I'd really rather you NOT believe ME than to have YOU believe THEM. THEY lied to you. THEY were paid to lie to you . I HAVE NOW DEFINED ...