Saturday, October 17, 2015


skype is briandouglas83 for international holmes.

Thanks for the call, Rob! I'm sure that was costly, but it was great to finally talk a first time!

Will try to be on skype for you guys who are outside of the US/Canada/Mexico areas.

Just add it, keep an eye out. Early to mid November I ought to be on it more but around between now and then as well from time to time.

This was from September 26th, the flight out to Cali, over the Alamo/Salton Sea. I could nearly smell Trevor down there Trevoring around, and I could hear Wade and Ron whining from there:

We will be headed back west soon.
Got some law matters to deal with here.

We're probably taking a southern route this time.



  2. Ahhhhh.....

  3. Being bombarded on lifeinvader (fb) with page suggestions, loads of thelema crap and occult bollocks, somebody is targetting me, pathetic. Oh getting loads of prepare for change shit also. Love and light lol. Stay away from Reddit also guys, there are some evil, and I mean really evil shits on there. This planet is the North Korea of the universe no doubt about it.

    1. Well, your FB is going to be because of content you post, share, and write. It goes by your vocabulary and targets that way. Someone is targeting people like you, not just you, no worries there. But you are right about Reddit, it is a very evil place but good people frequent it too.

    2. Oh, so are you saying, that if somebody would be looking into clues in a video game mystery say then they would watch a vid or "google" something then their i.p. address is logged somewhere and they are targeted and similiar content is channeled their way. Like a rabbit hole I guess. One big mother fucking MK Ultra flavoured rabbit hole.

    3. heh, google targets like that, as well as other advertising companies, similarly at least. But when you write "Hey I just want a vacation!" "I need a getaway!" "Wish I was at a resort!" in some facebook posts, then someone is advertising on there and wants to target people who mention vacation, getaways, and resorts, it'll show you those on your sidebars and help them make suggestions for pages to you as well.

    4. So if somebody was to write a blog going on about blues clues in relation to the GTA mystery and you go looking at the blue buildings etc in GTA, I mean, what if they were all connected, to occult things, stuff like thelema, Crowley, cult of el etc, I mean, what if this made people go look at weird shit that would ultimately change their world view and make them think all kinds of weird shit was going on which ultimately wasnt true, get them into a state of magical thinking. What if a certain screensaver linked to the internet and helped somebody focus all this shit on you, maybe it even redirects your internet. Probably all untrue but it is possible. A conspiracy for good you said in our phone call, depends whose perspective you are looking from I guess.

    5. Brother had a weird vision and told me about it, relates to something dark I read late 2013 or early 2014, dark stuff. Whats going on? I dont deserve this.

      Brother said he saw like an oily substance and a guy with a staff saying see the truth and there was light in the oily lake.

      I havnt looked at any stuff for ages now so I dont know whats happening.

    6. Dunno, I'm from the deep blue lake in the sky, not the oily lake. Not sure I know what the oily lake is. Was it a dream or a vision?

  4. It was a vision within the dream we are in, there is no difference between our sleeping and awake state. Isnt the first nor will it be the last time loved ones have said weird shit, usually links to dodgy shit I have read or viewed also. What did you do to my phone?

  5. You still planning on taking a road trip?

    Let me know if you decide on that southern route tho.


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