Friday, October 23, 2015

"Ribbit" v1

Walk with me.
Around the LAKE.

update: Croak sounded ominous, post title updated to "ribbit", url remains.
Post edited for clarity.


  1. What do you mean by give it up in order for you to see?

    Your dark secret? Light comes from darkness. That it?

    Are you thanking everyone from the reader to the cia for reading your opus? What's the plausible deniability part?

    I much prefer look like fool who "didn't read", than just read and move on without full understanding.

    - Noob

    1. Rephrased: I will help you. I AM REAL for the sole purpose that you will be armed with the truth that is exampled freely. There is nothing crazy about that. Give it up to yourself, I need you to see. You need to accept the truth. We all do.

    2. Whats the truth? Computer simulation connected to consciousness or planet earth being run by outside forces?

    3. "Computer simulation" is a metaphor that scientists say. Well, an illustrative analogy. It's not a "computer" in the literal sense like our PC's, consoles, and brains, but more an "analogy" - money is the "system", a false program. Like plays have "program" for the night, the cast, the plans for the show, credits, background, etc - Stage of history, the system, the "machine" - Money is the program and if we all give and refuse to take, all will receive. Just as I give truth to be received freely, we should all give, and thus freely receive. The priceless and timeless kingdom of heaven is a place on earth, all around us. Jesus' kingdom is in another place, but the kingdom of heaven is all around us, we just can't take control and give to each other until we stop taking from each other. "money must die says the one true catcher in the rye". IE, the other catchers who killed humans were false.

      The "simulation" is that we think money matters - money is just a form of slavery and the real "sin" - the root of all evil, because it keeps evil firmly grounded. Evil is fear. Love and heal, fear and be destroyed, is the main message that was given me when I was dead. Was it my brain, or was it real? its not for me to say that, but it is for me to say "money must die, so that we can live again", because "this ain't living", this system, this "simulated civilization", there is nothing civil about divisions, and numbers/money/classes are all mathematical and division, dividends, etc - equality is not possible as long as money is around.

      The "system" we use to "govern" our world and be governed by others and "how much money we have" is false, a simulation - real life is equal. A full circle "0". When money means nothing, we will be united. Until we can have it in our minds and want it, before a collapse, we can't have it. A collapse should be hoped for, not feared. Fearing it keeps us scared (rightly so, because without this information, people will lose their shit when it happens!)

      I hope that is part-way to answering the question.

      "outside forces" are those who have lots of money and know it's just a form of control - more powerful than any army and more powerful than any religion. Money is the control mechanism, the "governor". Kill money, or let it die, whatever the case, and then we will be free to love, heal, and give to one another.

  2. Oh, and yes, I listened closely as well to song. It has parallels with LAKE and the tract and your blog post.

  3. I took a walk around the lake the day I read this. My phone was acting up (could only use google voice, not the keypad). I couldn't listen to spotify like I usually do, but there were some pleasant distractions. I finally walked fast enough to pass someone, too.


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