Sunday, September 20, 2015

You're looking for red X's?

K. Here you go.

Check this heist out. And it's different from the five that you thought you knew.

JUSTIFIED. To the left.

Chiliadmystery mod crew, I sent you my love tonight.

If you don't fix this, I'm STILL GOING TO FIX YOU. <3


  1. For all the Time Travel and BttF theory enthusiasts.

    I'm from the future and every day i travel time back to today to interact with the people of my yesterdays gone and done. Time travel is all about state of mind. All systems go, Flux Capacitor on!

    I'm coming back for them again, and again, and again. Every day i come back for them.


    1. the kicks are coming out soon. self lacing. real ones this time. gonna be sweet. your metaphor works. it's good to be related.

  2. So close eye close.

    I ain't never had a whole rack, til' I was 24 years old At 25 I spent a hunnid' of those and still ain't got nothing to show Uh, I guess that's how it is These Days... Uh, I guess that's how it goes

    ABC everythang, every M you end up with is owed And that's simple math, I had to balance the good and bad

    So here's a question that I ask... What's a negative with no plus? A Benz with no bus? A curse with no gift? Who's God with no us?

    Read between the lines nigga I did this shit legally blind nigga


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