Monday, August 17, 2015

In case you doubted me...

And this. If you doubted us. Me, this, and us. God gave Rock and Roll to you. If you doubt that, KISS your ass goodbye. And I'm coming with you. Don't celebrate. You did not win. I'm coming with you to deliver you. One way, or the bad way. Either the way of the Oneness, or to eat you. I don't care either way anymore. That's a side effect of near death experience. Second begotten son of the dead and all those others who are on the documentaries are going to eat shit and cry because I AM THAT and THEY ARE NOT. They will eat shit and cry because I AM.

I know that sometimes life can be a drag. Death is worse. I have been there. Live a little. A little bit. Just a little, before you die. You'll be the first generation to do so in 2000 years.

It happened to us all.


But if this is a computer simulation we live in,

I wasn't supposed to tell you that.
But I'm a boss.
So fuck it.


  1. I haven't ever doubted you in the true definition of the word. Have I "not known" you? I came to your blog to find out why r/cm wouldn't allow posts about you. That's what brought me to your blog. So I used to not know who/what you're about, and now I know more. Of course it doesn't take a genius for a person to explore the web. So apologies for any misconceptions or missed concepts.

    Obviously, not all your words are directed at your readers. You appear very upset with some people that called you a liar. That would have to be an individual or small group of people. Why do you retort them/him/her so vigorously? Haters gonna hate. Brush your shoulders off?

    This is your stage, so I feel like when I blurt word salads out from the peanut gallery, that I'm out of line.

    Even so, you make a loud call here for help, so I will reciprocate. I have clicked on thousands of internet links while playing in the sandbox that is gta. So, if you wanted to give some general direction pointing in ways we people can help, I'd be able to do more.

    My voice here is a sign of me living. However meek, comedic, confused, or futile it may appear to others.

    Take it easy, B. Let there be hope for us all. Don't be face palming too much...

    1. Ask softer. Stretch it a bit. You are not ready. Ask slower. For you.



    1. Solid starting ground. And then you realize, he was lying for his own, and his own are not US. <3 I love you. KEEP GOING. If you won't make your own blog, then OWN MINE FOR YOU. YOU ARE WINNING!


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