Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'll see you on THIS side

Your path.
It's already lit,
with 1000 voices.

As sure as stars in the sky.


  1. "Eggs!"



  4. Dear Mortal Human, firstly thank you for investing so much of your, time, thought and energy into this quest for truth. Your blog has helped me mine Los Santos for a deeper significance not to mention motivated me to replay this modern masterpiece with greater appreciation.

    Re-reading the Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm I was puzzled by something and would really appreciate your opinion. I will assume you are already familiar enough that I wont quote it here but I'm referring to tithing all your money to Epsilon, lying with 9 new partners a week, sharing your cherished partner and the killing of all unsavables. Taking that literally it means killing Trevor and Franklin, your kids (esp red haired Jimmy) and Lamar. Sleeping with 9 random partners (prostitutes?) and spending several hours pumping my billionaires nest egg into Epsilon at $5,000 a pop.

    I know doubting makes me unsavable but why does Cris want to ruin my friendships, marriage and family in addition to leaving me broke? The money isn't an issue as my businesses will fund me but that really is Omega right back to Alpha in terms of Michaels progress.

    The reason this bothers me is that all my protagonists are alive, rich and successful (in SA terms). T and F both have new homes, girlfriends and a string of mistresses. A sober and monogamous Michael managed to save his relationship with Amanda, Tracy is off to college, Jimmy is attending fat camp and looking for work. Chop is happy and pampered. Aside from Trevor's eternal persecution of the Lost MC and the odd npc police pursuit my San Andreas is a sunny paradise these days. So what exactly is Cris, Kraff or Epsilonism trying to save me from? Is Cris/ the tract referring to me the player? Should I send real money to his Cayman Islands po box?

    Between you and me. I really wanted Michael to produce movies with Franklin as a stunt driver and Trevor as the stunt man/pilot. That and for Amanda to choose me over that damn vibrator just once!

    One love brother.

  5. So what exactly is Cris, Kraff or Epsilonism trying to save me from?

    Answer: Michael

  6. you should be happy your family is doing so well (in SA terms).


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