Sunday, August 2, 2015

I want you to triddip. Yea, I be on that shiddit.

Let's fly in the Titan,
and eat the rich.

To them it's just images.
To us - it's forever.
Waiting 4 U.
Then S.

Get in the Titan.

And I hope this does the trick,
cause I'm sick of all your bitching.

And see the eye.
1:47 for example.

Is it time yet?
I can't fire my lasers until you know first.

Crack the shell.
Take control.



    1. Yea, and look at this;

      "just beginning to get strange"

    2. Is that a lyric from something?

      Since the evil veteran of evil took over our sub, and deleted it, you missed all of this.


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