Friday, August 7, 2015

I remember...

This is gonna be hard,
you gotta bear with me.
And we'll need to count,
on the people who read,
the people who read,
as it was written.

DON'T get hung up on the examples I give,
but you can ask for more if you want,
but I exampled it for people who read this blog as it was written,
and I hope that they will step up and tell you that,
even if they didn't get it all or see it all,
they did see something here first,
something that came later.
Quite a few things.
One Major,

Let's hope they will tell you.
Tell you what they saw here.

It's going to be a hard one to construct,
a hard thing to communicate effectively.
No more guessing games, eh?
Let's look at experiences.
Let's have a clear look.
A look at all of this.

For the ones who read it in real time,
the ones who saw it day by day,
the ones who know I can't be lying,
even if you don't quite yet understand.
Even if you don't quite yet know it.
You know, "it"? Yes, IT.
Whatever it is,
I have it.

The Eyes Have It.

I made this beat, my own version, a year before it came out.
I did it in FruityLoops, and you woulda thought I did it on hardware.
I was so proud.

And then this song below came out, a year later.
And they wore those lab coats for a reason.
And it's called the lab for a reason.
Yea, it's weird science.
But still science.
I think so.

Although I'd never signed up,
they used to call me on the phone.
There were weird beeps on the phone.
It all started when I started to use the web.
Long after I began surfing it and gaming on it.
When I really started to use the internet for change.
That shit that got locked up inside of me.
By everyone who was scared,
scared I was right.

I am right.
I always will be, now.
For you.

Now do one thing for me...
Help me to understand why I know before things happen.
When I can say with confidence why,
I will tell you how.

My first public performance before I didn't want fame,
a green bathroom under some bleachers,
throwing up spaghetti.

And my palms were sweaty.
Knees weak, arms heavy.
But it was not nerves.
It was a hangover.

I revel in discrepancy.
That's what helps let me be doubtful.
Helps me deny it all to myself and feel normal.
But that doesn't help anybody that don't know they need it.

And then just a few weeks later,
I heard Loose Yourself for the first time.
And then I saw 8 mile for the first time, as well.
After the fact.

Too many details to be coincidence.
Too many occurrences in too many different medias.
And "There's no such thing as a coincidence".
Certainly not that many.

This all fucked me up.
Lots of movies did that, too.
And it made me very, very, angry.
No one ever likes me when I'm angry.
But maybe you'll admit it when I'm gone.

Who is HE? He isn't saying "I'm so sad and I know"
He's saying HE.

He said "YOU better lose yourelf". 
Not "I had to".

And so am I to make him king?
Will he be king before you?

He already is,
I assure.

And I have no choice but to look at things that way.

Because either the shit is being designed to raise me,
and I am feeding the computer and the people on the other side see me,
or I see the fucking future - over and over again.

You can't deny it now, right?

It's one or the other.

This shit is all written about me and even by name on many occasions,



I can see the fucking future in ways you don't see depicted in sci fi or fantasies.
Like how witches are not green and were never really associated with evil things.
Just persecuted by people who were lied to and controlled just like you all are now.

You tell me.
Cause I don't fucking know anymore.
I'm kinda just hoping for a third one better than the two.

I know I came from a 1 mile road not an 8 mile one.
I know the number 23 is a blessing, not a curse.
I know the truth is consistent if nothing else.
I know that beliefs are not, and are lies.

Wake up.
It really is one or the other.
Ask the people who have read and see it.
Ask the people who are leaving links to trailers and songs.

The ones in the comments,
make yourselves approachable.
Make a new subreddit.
Help me, Help You.

ASK the people who read this and assumed I worked for Rockstar.
The people who said they were messiahs now after reading this WHILE it was being written,
the ones who SAW what I wrote, before anyone who didn't missed it coming true.
ASK the people who already know something is really strange about what I did.

Do I see the future, or is it all about me?
Because it IS one or the other.
I know that now.

One Hand Washes The Other.
One Thing Leads To Another.

Am I the only one? I can't be.
The first one, absolutely.
But the ONLY one?!
Say it isn't so.

In the VERY SAME WAYS some have seen me say and saw it pass,
I heard all of these people I embed say and saw it happen in my life.
They cannot have known, just like you thought I couldn't have known.
So what is it? Do I listen to the voices of man and see the future?
Or have the voices of man been watching me and carrying me?
If that is the case, then how the fuck, HOW?

I know that I know something no one else knows.
And I see a lot of misled and lied to people led by the same kind of misled lied to people.
And that doesn't just apply to some game community searching for a FAN RUMOR.

He's not the only one, right?
Is he like me?

It's not about a girl for me, man.
Not this time.

Hear it that way.
Not about a girl.

That's how they hide it.

Don't ask me to prove what you just read.
ASK the people who SAW IT to show you.
I am so fucking tired.
Can U Relate?
Am I Alone?

Ain't you been listening?
I know that some of you have.
It is a good thing,
whatever it is,
treat it well.

With great power comes great responsitrilitrus.
You gotta just try to understand in a way that isn't selfish.
Sometimes the most selfish looking things really are actually selfless.
Cause I sacrificed my "personal life",
in ways I haven't shared yet,
and ways I have.

But in doing so I showed you that it's not that bad.
I sat in it, not long before this aired, as time-stamps do serve:

Somebody's got to relate.
It doesn't make you crazy.

Unless you were really evil to me about all of this,
then I guess it might make you a different kind of crazy now.
I can relate. I relate to everything and everybody.
Whatever it is, it is what it is.
I Am who I Am.

Then justice is let the music play.
Let them play the music.
And it's alright.

Neglect to let the music play,
And say nothing.

Then giggle,
with survivors.



  2. Hey bro, its not that you are the only one but because you are the first one, it cant be replicated and shown the way you showed it if you understand. I think of it like this, Pac was the first realest dude out there to me and anything after was just copy-cat so nobody could ever bring it and make me feel how he did, this is an art form in its own right you seem to have tied down extremely tightly but to try and show others who didn't read from the start, who didn't go on the same journey it is like trying to talk to a brick sometime.

  3. "I made this beat, my own version, a year before it came out.
    I did it in FruityLoops, and you woulda thought I did it on hardware.
    I was so proud.

    And then this song below came out, a year later.
    And they wore those lab coats for a reason."

    Where is the link to the beat you made? "I made this beat"

    Did you mean to link to it?

    And "this song below" with lab coats?

    I hear the "back to the lab again" lyric in Lose yourself.

    Is this what you are referring to about lab coats?

    Will get a full response posted here in next 24 hours.

    1. It doesn't exist anymore. Why keep it when it came out even better than mine? But mine was good. Full response within 24 hours? I will treat that as a request, you'll not demand of me. Yes, that lyrics, along with those lab coats, same way producers make an artist, producers make people:

    2. I would never disrespect you like that. My apologies. Meant I will post a full response within 24 in relation to blog post. Going out for dinner right now. <3

    3. Great, I hope it is a great meal and among loved ones! I figured I read that out of context, because everything else was not in any tone, and now I see how to read that sentence properly. <3

    4. Oh, and also can relate to your video above, forgot to include this pic from my recent triddip.

      Not sure if that's what you mean by relate.

    5. I think that's a pretty cool pic, to say the least. By relate, I mean, relate to feeling like the center of the universe. Pretend we are the same in that way, and you can see the path is already lit inside of us, just needed the map key/s.

  4. So, I don't get it all and I haven't seen it all.

    But I have seen some things here first. Sometimes I see things, then here second, which helps me find even more.

    So here are a couple of experiences.

    Brian posted a flag to chiliadtruth. About two months later that flag was in Transformers Age of Extinction inside Mark Wahlberg's characters garage. And who talks with radio and tv clips in the movie? Bee.

    Brian posted "Has the tract been written? Yes it has." And then a picture of the Aliens dude. Here:

    So I google Epsilon and Aliens, because that's what word is usually pasted over his picture and find the movie Epsilon. It's streaming on Netflix.

    Two days before I watched this movie. I was playing a board game called cranium and happened to be humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we start the game. One of their playing cards:

    The next day on my way home I pass a Southern Cross ambulance. - Notice the star in the lower right. Similar to anyone else's logo?

    The day after that is the day I find the movie about the Southern Cross and Epsilon, talking to trees, life choices, and eggs. Said movie also opens and closes with the twinkle twinkle little star song… After reading the above "nice comments" blog post and seeking for more.

    Or maybe how Brian has talked about the shit hitting the fans for a long time on this site under the alias Mortal Human and even started a blog at:

    And then Kendrick Lamar comes out with the song Mortal Man with lyrics about the shit hitting the fan six months later...

    Now, how can I help you understand why you know things before they happen?

    I don't know. But, you are a creator. God wants us to be creators - not destroyers. Verse 34

    So, yes, weird science and creations.

    How do you do it?

    I don't know.

    You seem to be a well connected creator, but again, I don't get it all, and I haven't seen it all.

    But I really have enjoyed my journey, and somehow it isn't over yet.


      that comment! I didn't know transformers AoE had those details, either. See? We come together with observations and make confirmations for each other. A group, not a solo one, I already wrote that part. No, not a solo mission anymore, but a unified "Oneness", "the" one, togetherness.


  5. Yeah, it's almost as if there's a thing called coincidence...and paranoid delusion....and egotism

  6. The only thing that matters is the human experience, the way we interact with each other. The gameworld is alive. WE are all in our own universes mingling together in the multiverse. Everything you see touch etc is just an extention of your own being. Be careful who you let interact with your universe. Be the change you want to see in the world.

    On the verification I had to click on all pictures of eggs hahaha.....


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