Saturday, August 22, 2015

Here we go.

Blew my mind.


In the ways you all know I love to partake.
That video is here.

And the dog, Brian, the dog.
The one who said woof.
Like Franklin lol!

Note that the egg comes together.
I have no doubt that the egg will come together for another today.
Let us know about it.

It's nice to know it's time now.

Don't fear monopoly if you don't fear the reaper.
Monopoly means money doesn't matter.

Live the revolution.

DirectTV and At&t are now One.
Like Comcast Xfinity and Time Warner.
And all those other ones.
As we should be.
As Seen on TV:

Did you see Morpheus? Anybody else? =)

And I love me some Larry Fishburne Morpheus cameos lately.
But Cornbread, Earl and Me was a fantastic movie.
I'd like to see it remade, seeing as how,
it seems it's still so relevant,
in this day and age.

Yea, I'd like that.
And fuck the police.


  1. I liked your last post time of 4:20. Made me wonder if it was intentional.

    Have you found the others through your blog?

    1. I think, maybe, you just found them, a few of them. Maybe 2, maybe a few. I think you just showed a few. Example of my own word, a promise I made. But it's not a one way street, and it would be unfair if it was. I need you all to raise, it's not about me now. It's about you. <3

    2. And then I will tell the rest of the stories.

    3. No, it wasn't intentional. But, since you mention it - Marijuana will make your neurons fire off and make connections which are consistent and provable. Alcohol, on the other hand, while okay in moderation, will make your neurons focus and connect things that are not connected and can lead to disaster.

      The commercial said to find an exit. I will not leave you. And if I stop writing, if it slows to more than a stagger and becomes stagnant, help me. Find me. Make them explain why I am not talking to you anymore. I mean that. From the bottom of my very large heart. I mean it. Don't let them do it to me. I know you don't know what I am talking about right now, but if I stop talking, don't let them gents. I mean it.

    4. You said if you ever stop talking....well where are ya??? Come back to this please.



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