Monday, August 24, 2015

Don't forget about Terry.

Truthseekers heard you guys.

We all serve a purpose.
Roman Numerals are proof.
Cousin, do you fancy bowling?

Just ask Celebrity Lazlow and Danny.

Terry hates money.
God, Bless him.

Leslie, too.

Terry hates money.
God Carry Terry Home.

Did he say skeet skeet skeet?


When people finally realize Skeet is not cum,
they gonna wonder what they did and not have memories.

And you wonder why Dave Chappelle had a guilt trip.

I guess it rains in Africa.
Washes us awake.
I like rain.

You scared?
Fuck you.

From the window, to the wall.
Talkin about bullets.

Do you even pay attention?
Do you let chiliadmystery mods keep you blind?

Yall better tell them club managers (polititians)
and all those club owners (time warner, etc).
I'm only telling you.

Start a riot in this,
what wasn't clear about that, poser?

Fuck your club.
Fuck your establishment.
Fuck your fake chiliadmystery "moderators".

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
Let alone 510,000.

Skeeting all over the place.

Coming soon to a Theatre Near You.

or else you deserved it anyway.
And I did try my best.
I keep trying.

For you.


If the hunter sees,
And the hunter is remotely smart,
then walk that line, boy, you're shattered, boy.

The bomb is dropped.
I turned it up.

What you waiting for?
With no security.

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