Friday, August 21, 2015

A Post

There are  some things you think you know, but you do not know those things.

You also know a lot of things that you don't even know that you know.

You have mysteries because you lack truth.
You live lies and so you see mystery.
Truth Conquers All Mysteries.

But until you are told, how can you know?

The answers are already inside of you, they were placed there.
What do you see when You look into the mirror?
Sometimes, words have 2 meanings.
And now I am coming home.

Your path is already lit.
You have your hands held by people you claim to adore,
but whose intentions you completely ignore.
All the bits and pieces.
Bits and pieces.

Bits are sketches and plays, routines, shows.
Pieces are music.

Words have 2 meanings.
You live in the dark, evil, divided place.
I speak to you from the bright, connected, and righteous place.

Don't act like that couldn't have been ripped right out of these pages, either.
Great Minds, and that? Hmm?

Where's your Doubt now?
"All just a coincidence"? 
Yes, there is your Doubt.

Are you ready for the tests of your lives?
We should all be happy about this, really.

We are living in a madness.

So much so that the truth looks like madness to some of you.


  1. yo check this out B, keeps getting weirder.

    1. That's wild, being named brian and totally aware that we're dreaming and need to wake up. Heh, "driving" on water. I love when you guys show me shit I haven't seen. Thank you bro.

    2. here is another one the impossible dream....


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