Sunday, July 26, 2015

You can only solve it if you listen.

Only if you listen.

What you know about that?

Did you think I was wrong?

But anyway, this was a free post.
Because you shared the last one.
Free, because I love you.
I love you so much,


You didn't know we come with many names?


  1. Who's story do you think we have to complete?

    M, the Mob boss/Gangster?
    T, The psychopathic bipolar with a heart?
    F, The Thug/Baller?

    I would go with F as i think he should be played as a "Fuck Tanisha, i'm gonna be who i am" type of character. If i play as myself then i try to get back together with her, but if i play as F... ?

    People gonna die tonight.

    1. Q. If you have an opinion on this, but sleep mode? Yay or nay?
      Game story is not my story and it makes me think of a quote i try to remember every day.

      "If you're not working towards your dream then you are working for someone else and towards their dream". or something like that.

      So, is story even the story we have to complete? Opinion?



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