Sunday, July 19, 2015

They Were Never Myths

It wasn't really myths then,
and it isn't really a mystery now.

I'm in 47,000 places at once.
Like that:

It isn't about a girl.

There's always a girl!

Not this time.

Don't let slow change pull us apart.
When the light gets into your heart.


  1. Can you talk about casting aside canes more?

    Is this like ignoring lester missions?

    1. No. As you all begin to see the mirror for the mirror that it is, you will no longer be shepherded by false shepherds and instead you will find that your path has already been lit, you just needed "one of you" (myself) to prove that you're not crazy if you ever noticed it, or show you where that seed has been "planted", waiting to be revealed to your awareness.

    2. False shepherds need to cast aside their canes, because the truth is coming out, and if they do not toss aside their canes and begin showing you the truth, they will not like when you figure it out without them.


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