Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obfuscator Liberatus

They can't know unless you tell them.
We pay them to lie to us!

Is that what our founding fathers wanted?!
No more, friend, no more.

What do you mean what's going on?

There's a place, it's not even on the map.
Your speedruns do not help.

And elegance does not even touch it.

Obfuscator Liberatus.

Not all fantastic things are lies, reader.

They will call 2015 year zero.

Be on the lookout;
For the amber waves of grain.


  1. The more i try and relate it to people, the more i start to see that it might simply be a genetic gift.
    Some people just seem unable to get it no matter how many different ways of explaining you try.(For their benefit)

    I can look people in the eye and almost see the difference in species between them and myself. I feel as though i am talking to someone from the age of the Bible. Someone with no comprehension of things like uniqueness, the self, individuality, etc, etc. Almost as if their brain can't process the program i'm trying to boot up on their system.

    How do you go about these situations?


    1. Because they do understand uniqueness, the self, and individuality, M. They don't just understand it, it's all that that they seem to know. They cannot hear the forest from the trees. They can hear each tree when they want to, but only in a selfish way, and cannot hear the forest when they really need to.

      They can hear and discern selfish and unique with each of the songs they like or movies they watch, but they can't discern the collected vocabulary. Even though they criticize music and say "most songs are the same 4 chords!" or laugh at the comedy about it, they don't understand why it's that way or why the four right ones make some people cry. They criticize film for always being the same movie over and over, but don't understand why the same stories are told, the same archetypes used, and so on.

      Common Sense has left them utterly common, and not in any of the ways that we're supposed to be. "BE... GENETICALLY... DIFFERENT, BABY!"

      We are what we eat. It's not really genetics. When Jesus is said to have said "eat of my flesh and blood" he means because it was said that he was the word made into flesh, so, he meant, thrive on the word, use it to sustain us, we will be victorious this way. Jesus was a revolutionary. Salvation is the antonym for Enslavement. Debt is Money and Debt is Doubt and money is Enslavement - money itself, with no other details added, that concept is enslavement and inequality. Nothing else matters, money must die. People haven't heard the words, and have been lied to a lot about what words mean in the first place.

      Like, "center yourself" they learn and think they are good people, but they are just trained to be "self centered" - it is bad to handle things on our own, and we should be upset with those who leave us to handle things alone. So don't feel bad for them, either.

      Find the ones who are scared of world peace (aka new world order) and illuminati (aka organized secrets NOT secret organization - because sometimes words have two meanings) - people who are scared of stuff like that. Find the ones who think they are smart, and then prove shit to them. Let the shit hit those fans, and then it's almost done.


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