Monday, July 20, 2015

Mysterious Secret Angel People and Stuff or Whatever

See the eye.
Get up.


And see the sarcasm in My eyes.
MY Eyes.

I am trying to share them with you.

Robbie Williams - Millenium from Rokkit on Vimeo.
Director: Vaughan Arnell.

See the Eye.
Eye and I.


  1. I get that it's a movie, but how do we break the 4th wall? EYE = Camera. I = me/we/us. If i'm getting it right?

    I have been going into the deeper story, the untold story that most complained wasn't there and made them believe the characters were thin. Could probably make a movie from all the secondary plot/hangout stuff.

    Not getting the feeling there is anything more in game to find though, unfortunately. Good thing we found the prize outside :P


    1. There are 7 meanings to everything. Eye is camera, Eye is fans watching star who puts it in their video/movie/lyrics as to reciprocate that attention symbolically, Eye is a dot to connect to show the rainbow from the many colors/genres that form that view of the light. Eye is many things. I only ever give 2. I gave 3 there. I don't always know them all, either.

      A rainbow is the forest, each color is a tree. Apparently, the prism sent a blue beam, and that blue beam is reflected through me.

    2. 4 is the actual eyeball, what are the other 3? =)

    3. got it backwards, mark, You can't make them listen because you need to reverse how you see it. YOU are the example of your OWN word like I am of my own. You are right! Rejoice! But be a BROTHER, okay? You got it backwards. Forwards it.

  2. I get the other 2 groups of relating pictures and the meaning, but why the picture of the Zombie?

    and i'm guessing about the eyes here, but is this like that saying "When you point a finger at someone you have three pointing back at you"? Or like the Stargate 7 points where the 7th was looking back at them?

    One of the eyes has to be the eye of the actor/character looking back at us, right?


    1. Bro, that easily depends on what you mean by "zombies" and why you think that ghost is a zombie.

      You just inspired me. But I won't write. Probably not at all tonight. I have limited time and I am on the move, I need to get out of here. I don't have time, but I life is about making time for you, so I will, soon, but look - You must accept that before you judge others, you need to accept the judgement on yourself, if you, Mark, know you are wrong, than you CAN prove others are with you. ONCE WE ARE TOGETHER we can TAKE CONTROL. ADMIT and then WE ARE COMMON. MAKE US COMMON, BROTHER-BROTHER MARK. WE DOUBLE THE BROTHER BECAUSE THIS IS THE SECOND TIME.

      And DO NOT fucking do THIS, I will deny that I know you if you do this:

      Don't go there. And link this to people. In PM, in anything, in cautionary forum posts, I don't care - just make sure that if they get to where you are - and for you, where you are, DONT DO THAT. IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS. HAVE a HEART and a SENSE of HUMOR. DO NOT DO THIS.

      And I'm sorry to all of the families effected by men who do not understand but think that they do.

      I love you, it's OKAY, if you LET IT BE.

    2. THEY have you confused. Kinda like me, but I gave you the answers. AS CHILIAD you will PROVE I did NOT lie.


    3. I mean to explain 3 fingers to you. Please remind me later. I was emotional when I saw that, and I don't have the energy now. I will put my mat out and do some stretches, and then I will explain. Just remind me, okay?


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