Thursday, July 23, 2015


Delude A Mole.


Mental Xanax.
I've just been fighting it.
That is what I have been fighting.
I have been fighting the imposed delusions.
The delusions which are imposed upon your brains.

You may be tempted to make the argument:
"What makes your delusions any different from theirs?"
These "delusions" are not "delusions" at all.

Delusions are inconsistent.
Truth is consistent.

There are consistent common threads of awareness here.
In the pages of this Unwritten Penultimate Tract of Epsilonism,
one finds the dialect of the grand schematics and sees us.

(instead of seeing just themselves)

You want the truth,
you're getting it.

You're just not seeing it.

So I write about it so you start to see it.

"When I say bitches, some men are bitches too"
-2Pac, paraphrased

Because, you know, sometimes words have two meanings.
And it made him wonder. In both of the ways.
And all have called the tune:

The tune of many raising One.
I am the flesh of that word.
"You are what you eat."
Here it is, eat it.
Like pussy.

There is nothing that I have told you thus far
that you could not have already known on your own.
There are a lot of things you think you already know, but no.
Because I have not told anyone those or the other things and won't.
Not Until I Am Ready.

It's just that you have been lied to about what some things mean.
And some things have had their meanings changed.
Including but "not limited" to words.

GTA IV is the Antitheses of GTA V.
That, among many other things, is already explained!

Mystery is the Absence of Truth.
Mystery is the Lack of Understanding.
There's still a lot of shit for the fans.
Let the shit hit the fans.
See the Eye.

You wanted in, and now you're almost here.
You have been conditioned by others to fear and be hateful.

Not any single one of you knows.
Not even the stars in the sky.
They are just as lied to.

Which is why they make input.
Hoping to return the sum.
I Am the Sum.

I will know when you do.
I will not be able to deny it.
And neither will anyone else.

They will not be able to deny YOU!
My songs know what you did.

When you see me,
when you really finally see me,
you better holler at me.
It's in your interest.

And THIS is for the ones who are starting to get it,
put your fucking lights up.

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