Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trees Talk, But...

Only some people can hear them.
But only because the other people aren't listening.

Trees are metaphors for people.
The still ones who see all around them.
The ones who are doubted by the ignorant masses.
I'm all of the blue guys (and then some),
so I know this shit to be fact.

With all music combined...

One message enters,
carried by a rainbow of artists,
a rainbow of genres,
rainbow of truth.

"If we all call the tune..."
-Stairway to Heaven

All called the tune.
All for One
has resulted in
One for All.

One who is for All of You.
And you don't even deserve it, huh?
Do you?

Show me, then.
Show me you deserve to know the truth.
Show you can comprehend truth.
Show me you can handle it.
Show them how to see.
Like I showed you.

With all music combined,
With your witness,


  1. In Cpt P's videos, the general population is turned into trees seemingly at random - who don't appear to talk. I don't understand this.

    The giving tree is a special tree that talks. Is that your blog?

    Cris Formage talks out of wooden telephone poles with loudspeakers on them?

    I'm missing a lot, more than just the trees, but a forest. So here is a good place to start.

  2. "Round and around and around and around we go."


  3. 1: The idea here was to show that "everyone is a tree" part and add some comedy while reminding people that blue skinned characters are metaphors. I'm captain planet. I'm aladdin's genie (cause I let people ruminate whilst I illuminate and make wishes come true, if only people would let them). I'm dr manhattan. I'm non-blue people, too. I'm Neo from the Matrix, and so on. Except hollywood lies. Makes it seem like I'm better than you. But I'm not. He who sees it in me, is destined to see himself as well.

    2: Yep. Among the works of others. The trees who speak up, that only some people can actually hear. Consider slang. Some people can't understand it. There is a language which I am raised to reveal which is a different dialect of english, which is understood through this blog. Through me, all things will be made new, and we will reboot the system, and refresh the memory.

    3: Yep, but that's just an extension of his all-seeing persona. He uses the UFO's to visit the altruists and they are his "doomsday re-population" people, for after Chiliad becomes beachfront property, he talks to michael through the poles, he uses the UFO tractor beam to tell the online players about passive mode (you can hear it), etc. I am Cris Formed in Real Life. He is Cris Formage. Which means "Cries Forming", which is why "Crying mandatory, if you have a brain" is on the walls in the game.

    4: The first thing is to know the forest from the trees. There are many forms of life in the forest, trees are just one part of a forest. The tree metaphor is really not THAT important, but this should help you on a path to understanding it: http://biblehub.com/mark/8-24.htm

    1. also, I should have mentioned, leave it playing, watch them all. Remember epsilon tracts and music throughout the ages of anyone who plays this game and has played previous iterations and has heard all of the content and seen all of the polygon mirrors.

  4. Please excuse my bad communication skills.

    I understand the morals in the game, I understand the game far beyond it being just a game, I see what they did here its honestly quite amazing and brilliant! I've learned quite a lot too! But getting the world to understand it, well, that's very difficult, especially if you don't know how to speak it (unfortunately my communication skills arent the best). There is so much I would love to say and speak to the world that this game has taught me about life but I cannot do it as easily as you!

    Mortal, you show and tell this beautifully and you are very talented. Part of me wants to say you even work with rockstar or even lazlow lol if not, take it as a compliment! I just honestly wish I could tell the world as easy as you do. Maybe not in parables or exactly like you through music (even though that's a big key element). Anyway I try to tell it I seem to just fail. I guess I have the gift to understand it when I see and hear it but, I do not have the gift to tell the world, definitly as easy as you do. Ffs I see what they did to you and many others who tried to speak up and I don't agree with what they (community) did to you and others one bit!

    I can talk easier in person/voice chat than in words on here so things may come out the wrong way in text. So on top of my bad communication, the communities are so quick to judge, not believe, bash or ban you if you even think like this. That says a lot about society! Ffs there is a rule on one forum that you're not even allowed to make posts based on your work ("brian") or anything like it! WTF??! In fact what they did to you reminds me of the side mission "Parenting 101" with the 'community' being Jimmy. According to them, if its not a physical object in game (I'm not saying there isnt one cause there still could be) or if you havent solved the mystery in their eyes then its tossed and pretty quick. They don't understand it! Maybe in time they will but, as of now they do not! I experienced this anger and hate myself quite recently. What good is bashing and banning gonna do?

    Im saveable, they are not. They are full of ignorance and they will never find true enlightenment! I stand with you!

    I had discovered your blog about a month ago or so while investigating a theory on the moon. You'd be amazed how the lunar cycles and such lead me to your blog lol. Anyway, I found myself agreeing with and already knowing a lot of what you are saying in this work and you taught me stuff as well. You were confirming to me more that what I believe, see, hear and understand is true and there are others out there who understand it too! I saved your blog and began to follow hoping that maybe we can work together or even confirm or make me see something I have missed. When I began to discuss a certain topic, you had reached out to me directing me to your blog. I found that to be 'a sign' lol. When I read this post, I saw "show me you understand" I'm here to tell you I understand but im having difficulty showing it. Apparently it's not easy for me as is you. After seeing this post I decided to come out of my shell and speak up and ask for your help/teamwork. I do not know how to begin telling the world as easy as you, as you can prob tell by now my communication skills aren't the best. The 'moral dilemma' isnt happening "an act or two later, it's happening now" and we need to tell the world and wake them up! Afterall "it's about letting people be heard, it's about equality....for everyone"

  5. Thanks for expanding on my comments. This forest isn't so pointless.


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