Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take Control

The reason you have not solved it...
You have been purposefully misled by others...
To look in the game, instead of in the content.
Oh, and AnEvilVet has stolen that sub now, too.
And deleted all of your posts. Again.
Thanks for the heads up, friend.
You know who you are.
Do it more privately.
You'll get banned.
Just be smart.

Straight from The Game's Soundtrack...
And the movie where the spectrometer came from...
And no, we're not kidding.

If you feel the same as me, yall,
you gotta wanna take the ball.

Nothing is given.
So Take Control.


Here is another song,
from the GTA V soundtrack.
The city was built on rock and roll...
Like I have already thoroughly proven...

Acknowledge the Actuality of the Matter..

Los Santos was built on Rock and Roll.
And you still don't get it?
You will.

Why? because you hate me for knowing what you don't know,
without even owning the game until the PC version?
Why? Because you are lied to by them?
I told the truth, regardless.

That's dickhead shit;
To hate someone who gave you everything.
You want it, but you won't have it,
until you take control.

It is not your fault unless you continue to deny it.
It is the fault of those who lie to you and try to stop you.
This conflict will bubble to the fore.
And who stands in its way,
will be alienated.

And if they don't like it,
then they will be annihilated.
Because Mistranslated.
Sooner than Later.
Not my fault.
I tried.


  1. Okay, so according to Brian's posts from way back in '13 I could gather this:

    We need to play the game in a certain way, make certain desicions aware or unaware that we're making them to get to a specific outcome.

    Sounds logical to me. I do however have a hard time beleiving that in that entire time from console release to now, no one has stumbled on the right set of decisions whether they were actively trying to or not.

    And I'll freely admit that I fail to see the connection between this mystery and the songs you linked above.

    I'd love if you could clarify that link to me.

    1. The game of Life, and GTA paints a picture of it. The jetpack symbolizes uprising, cause that's what a jetpack does, it lifts you up.

      The game was built on rock and roll. Rock and roll as you know is not just rock music. It is culture, and hip hop and rock and roll are intertwined deeply, just different dialects of the same tune.

      GTA is just a painting of music.

      The two songs I linked are from the game. They are saying what I've been saying since before I knew they were in the soundtrack (didn't have the game til PC, and they can't play the radio on those, but I did listen to the talk radio stations before I had the game).

      GTA has given less and less 100% rewards for a reason. We're supposed to be searching, but for truth, not rewards. Continue the search for the truth. Or find it here, effortlessly, entertainingly, and easy to understand once you've taken in enough to see why I link the songs I link - and then you will see my word proven even in songs, movies, and books that I do NOT link. =)

      And many times in this blog you can see me post things that came after my words, but prove I did not lie (songs that weren't out before I wrote basically what the song is saying)

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nW-IPrzM1g

    Drip drop...

    1. Look at that brand new song. Down with the sickness, fuck yea.


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