Saturday, June 27, 2015



  1. Was stupido your account? Did they delete you or silence yet another?! What happened to the other 3 posts that were here like 2 days ago about being stupido? Lol

    1. No, he started out as a doubter, but then he saw for himself and knew and then I had to tell him to calm down because he's getting too pushy for the people who don't yet hear what he's heard, to remember what happened to me, and not let it happen to him. He said he deleted the account (a comment on one of those 2 posts), so I deleted the posts/reverted them to drafts. He's a good guy, I appreciate what he did and see people have discussed it and seen something is fishy about how no one wants anyone to see the connections. Because no one wants the sleepers to wake up. We're the sleeping giant, when we notice it. =)

    2. Got you, im deltanine btw, im also the one who commented that long bad communication comment on your trees talk post. Sorry about that im not good in writing.

      Is the world really that blind?! I didnt realize till just now. Lol this is going to be very difficult showing the world if they are really that blind to see, stand up and fight! And you have been trying to make them see for years! I was always curious to know who "brian" was since they had been trying to surpress you and after I found your blog I knew why they had tried. That's when I knew I was joining this fight, the right fight! Along side you and many others!

      We are growing bigger! And they will see...eventually. Hopefully sooner than later. At least im trying! Like you said, "this forrest isnt so pointless!" I'm starting to get the courage to stand up instead of holding a lot back in fear im just going to get trashed and banned by the communities (def due to my horrible writing skills) like others have. The more they silence us the more power I gain to stand up n fight! Im not going to let them surpress me! They may need to be taught on a lower level than us lol but its still going to be very difficult to get them to see and believe. They are just too blind! I see how blind they truly are now. Its honestly saddening. What happened to the world? Why all the hate?!

    3. The fight is within, simply to stand. All rise! <3 well said =)


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