Thursday, June 18, 2015

Private Eyes...

What you know about infrared?
Don't put up a front.

Private [Sector] Eyes are Watching You.
The internet made it easier

You are being watched on T.V.,
you are watching yourselves.
Because: demographics.
I's a alien, I can tell.
Be glad I did!

See the eye?
You're welcome.
I overdid it holmes?
I'm in the danger zone?
I shouldn't be alone?
We are not alone.
See the eye.

If you didn't want me to make a scene,
I wouldn't be making a scene.
Don't flatter yourself.
Let me do it.
You Rock!
Like me?
Not Yet.
Not quite.
I'll know when you do.
You'll make it abundantly clear.
There won't be doubt, and no questions.

I know I'm right.
We only get one chance.

The significance is never the songs I choose.
It's that they have to exist at all.
We are not alone.

Love's the only thing that keeps me here,
and now you're messing with a son of a bitch.

I'll go daily.
If I know you want me to.
I'll tell you everything.
Can't stop us.

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