Friday, June 19, 2015

Here are some more magic clues

"It's a rare condition, in this day and age,
to read any good news on the newspaper page..."

That is because, as Kanye West also once pointed out,
they try to keep Jesus - especially the truth - quiet.
If it's Easter, it better be about bunnies and eggs.
And it better not be the kind of eggs we're on.
And, sometimes, words have 2 meanings.

"..Love and tradition of the grand design.
Some people say it's even harder to find."

Even when the answer is right up front,
the truth is avoided, at the cost of the nose.
Is it a matter of comprehension?

Have you been trained for divisions that aren't there?
And told the connections were only coincidences?
But there is no such thing as coincidence.
"It happened to us all"
But not to me?

There must be some magic clue...

And yea, I hear you...
But when was the last time your feet were weary?
Do you hear me?

If you got mad, you read it wrong.


  1. I so need you in my life bro, I am glad you came back :)

    1. And I you. It was complicated. I was gagged for a while. I'll explain later. I wish you guys would link favorite posts in places and tell people how to read them, I like that a lot. To click to a referer and see the discussion. It teaches me, while I teach. Like all of us, if we know, when we know what he really said.

    2. I wonder if there can be too much frequency? I find myself with far more drafts than published posts... I wonder if there can be too much? Should it trickle or should it be another flood? Different from the physical one, just like the relativity I write about - a flood of words, or put everything I have in it? I would, but I need to give you guys time to see it... but if more people were seeing and discussing it - if we were addressing "it" - I could really put it out faster.

    3. thanks man that's appreciated. Well I prefer the trickle to be honest, removing one block and letting the water come gradually as opposed to cracking the dam down the middle and letting a flood occur which leads to too much to comprehend if you get me. I will feedback as much as I can to others and lead them back here for you and us all as much as I possibly can. also I was the one who posted about the chiliad truth bit below, I just found it strange you posted about it so had to ask :). as I said nice having you back bro.


    4. Chiliadas1, I thought it was you. That's twice I thought it was you, if you remember =) Good to see you, too bro. And I do get you, indeed, that is why the blog is so-called "cryptic" - trying to let it click for people on their own - if they really want to find the truth, they'll do as you do, and once you're ready, I'd be happy to see you doing as I do. All of you.

    5. yes, I would enjoy feeding the parched minds of the sun beaten non-believers and any advice of how to get the wheels turning would be appreciated. I will provide an email for any help you could possibly provide bro, just let me know. Thanks again for doing what ya do.

    6. These things make all things new and all things are possible, including the new world through these things, these things kept in mind will help to guide you, and don't be afraid to be controversial or look crazy, because that is how eventually people realize it's not so crazy, when we begin to speak as many, and not just one:

      1: It is about making things on earth as they are in heaven
      2; Heaven IS a place on earth, people just can't see it so they don't enjoy it
      3: Stars = Celebrities, Light = Message of Truth
      4: Money = Debt, Debt = Doubt
      5: Phrases that scare people are not supposed to. "The shit is about to hit the fan" is the perfect example of literal interpretations ruining the dialect and turning truth into something people fear instead. "The information is about to hit the listeners" - it's the metaphorical meaning, whereas a literal interpretation would scare people (this applies to the bible, this kind of literal vs metaphors is the problem we have. Divisions, which need unification. To do it, we need something consistent and modern. Thus we have the choirs of angels. The muses, the archangels - the musicians and their songs, the actors and their archetypes.

      Heaven is a place on Earth is the key thing to go with first. They paved paradise (Garden of Allah in Hollywood) and put up a parking lot (for a bank!) (thats what the song is talking about).

      Atheists will be helpful once they understand that I am not the fairy tale they were told, nor is the bible and nor is the "occult" what they were told - it is not magic, it is hidden truth, circumventing the censor, who is blind to the dialect which I hear and see and reveal for all to see and hear and it is the tool we were promise, the pen, which is mightier than all of the swords and all of the guns in the world. In the media which cannot be taken away from us without also admitting the reason why they are trying to silence us - it is a battle we cannot lose, and that they cannot win, and that everyone already loves, and the path is already lit inside of us, we just don't all understand the dialect yet.

      I hope it helps, I love you all who are beside me and I would like you to remember as Jesus told his desciples, if they hated me, they will hate you too. Allow it to fuel you, allow it to put the holy spirit into and upon you like Samson when he went down and killed all of the oppressors in the village. Just don't hurt anybody, and try to keep it online. This happens in our hearts and minds before it happens in the real world. It happens for us each, before it happens for us all.

      The priceless and timeless kingdom of heaven comes on earth to us the same way it was taken from us: In our hearts and minds before we're all ready to have it in our world around us, we want it inside first, understand it, discuss it, and decide together, and then we kill the money, and then we are all free to give, and free to receive.

      KIFFLOM! <3

    7. On the part you were talking about not being afraid of being crazy and that's how the people eventually see...

      A movie you probably know called "In the mouth of madness" talks at one point of reality shifting and that only 51% of people(Conscious) have to believe in monsters to make them real.

      Another good quote from the movie that illustrates this...
      Sutter Cane:
      Do you want to know the problem with places like this? With religion in general? It's never known how to convey the anatomy of horror. Religion seeks discipline through fear, yet doesn't understand the true nature of creation. No one's ever believed it enough to make it real. The same cannot be said of my world.
      John Trent:
      Your books aren't real.
      Sutter Cane:
      But they've sold over a billion copies. I've been translated into eighteen languages. More people believe in my work than believe in the Bible.
      John Trent:
      You got a point.
      Sutter Cane:
      I think you know it.
      John Trent:
      There has to be some kind of an explanation for what I've seen tonight. I'll sort this shit out later, but right now there has to be some kind of a simple fu**ing explanation.
      Sutter Cane:
      Always looking for the con. Even now you're trying to rationalize.
      John Trent:
      Anyway, your books suck.
      Sutter Cane:
      You must try reading my new one. The others have had quite an effect, but this one will drive you absolutely mad.

      You would probably find some quotes form the movie interesting. The "Writer/God" has a favorite color, and it's Blue. :P

    8. Also, on the Bible stuff...

      When Jesus helped the Blind "see", you obviously get that metaphor which people take literally these days as Jesus fixing someones eyes. Which is opposite of helping. The less input of the 5 senses the better i think.

      Jesus also "Cured 200" people in an hour, or something like that(numbers escape me right now) Obviously meaning he brought knowledge an wisdom of mental slavery and possible empowerment to the relatively naive people back then.

      The bearer of light. the flower of thought. spreading the message through time as the bearers of thought did before him.

      Sorry for my rambling, but i think the problem has always been that there are two sides and no more. You either believe/know, or you don't. Previously the believers were being... let's say "Out bred" faster than they could spread the message and get it to take hold. Baby booming society's were breeding masses of unknowing victims of mental slavery.

      But, now we have the internet. A massive, world wide tool to connect everyone with the right frequency. Now the bearers can spread their message faster than "They" can out breed them.

      Another generation or so and i think we got this game wrapped up. It's the final quarter and we are up like, a bunch of point now. A miraculous comeback worthy of any sports movie re-make!


    9. Got some more videos for a blog post for you.

  2. While I'm not the above eyes without a face, I like a steady trickle akin to the old chiliadtruth. That was like daily. I could use this advice as well, but hit publish on those unpublished drafts!

    What does a talking tree that not everyone listens to represent? Can you link more on that?

    1. Been sifting through them, about to start rewriting them for today.

  3. Fuck Reddit, open your own Forum/YT Channel dude, Reddit is so out of control, people will never solve the mystery THANKS to this misleading blind SELF-BELIEVING-FIST-FUCKING-REDDIT-BITCHES. The User's that have wrote some "nice" Theories (STILL THEORIES FFS) are so cocky, like they have solve something, wtf wrong with that ppl there...
    Things like "we heard about it, we already know it, we already discussed it" are common sense there.
    I believe that the Mod's dont want to solve this, what else would they do then :)? This become their LIFE, they enjoy it and earn money(?) . Hell they so annoying, i feel bad for following their sub...
    I bet R* does hate that Reddit Community !

    Btw you know Whispy Woodz? Contact him, that dude is such an nice Hunter! ( with Musicvidiot my favourite YT Hunter )

    Sry for my bad English, but this a NICE site!

    1. I have the same sentiments as you! Look at this months post "Did you know they did this?"

      They - or at least some of them - not only want it unsolved, they want it kept suppressed. Like they are some RIPD or something, blocking the X. I'm the X. The +.

  4. Yes i saw that post two days ago i think, but someone delete that a hour later... there is rly something going on, if they just delete everything about you immediately (so no one can see).

    Atleast people wake the fuck up and realize that their sub is going nowhere.. like me.

    Continue your Work BROTHER!

    1. Thank you for your support and kind regards, just remember that it isn't all their fault and if a person can't understand the "positive perspective/interpretation" of the words I write, then it means they are victims of being fed negative/fearmonger interpretations from elsewhere. So we gotta help them. Just by tough love but also listening to learn how to answer things for them better.


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