Monday, June 15, 2015

Did you know they did this?

That "conflict" was the truth which they suppress.
At all levels, teeny tiny little angry mobs to global organizations.

If you received messages like those,
let us know in the comments.

I was pushed to be "abrasive".
I was targeted by a group who wanted to keep me silent,
keep you blind and deaf,
keep us enslaved.

While I was pushed and targeted,
you were all pulled and steered.
It's a real shame.

"it happened to us all"

But it also bought us time.

They weren't the only ones to do it.
And they were small, small, tiny little fries, at that.

I have handled and served entire congregations.
Did you think I'd die?

The one thing you gotta answer for yourself...
Even if you did hate me...


  1. I got banned from the chiliadtruth for Re-posting the post that was titled deliberately eroding one's credibility. quite sure I saved it on reddit if I remember correctly.

    1. After it was hijacked? I think I saw that.

    2. yes, after it was hijacked, you are aware of who I am if you remember then?

    3. nay, not sure. I have a few names, but I won't guess wrong. But I think I saw that, and then it was gone, like, less than 24 hours later.

      Don't hate them. But make them see instead. When they see, it is so much better. Even if they oppose, it is that much sweeter.

  2. I can't be the only one who reads these backwards and it still makes a lot of sense

    1. Nice. I always wondered if chronology was really necessary. The story wasn't that good anyway, it was the funk that made the blog imo. =)


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