Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bat Fight - This could get interesting I guess

You just brought science into this so
there is a good chance it may not end well.
Someone should put an MJ popcorn gif in there.
Just in case.


That's a good thread and those are rare.
You don't see many of those.
Usually nonsense.

There's some in there, too.
But it's a good thread.
Hope it goes well.

Because the merits it has all throughout,
are worthy of a badge.

My favorite part, as if it wouldn't be obvious,
is the part about all things being placed with a purpose.
And he's right because even each tree placement they considered.
Like each prop in a film, plot elements in stories, and punctuation in poetry.

At least that one aims to bring more critical thought into things.
Still, it's dangerous waters in the seas of the convinced.
Take a kitten with you, and bring an ocarina.
Because it's dangerous to go alone.
I know the waters well,
bring the cat.

All jokes aside, good luck to you all,
especially the people looking outside of the box.
At not turning that thread into a bat fight?
And maybe talk not just about bats.

Everyone knows a thing or two.
Together, you can know all things.
Because anyone's thing or two,
adds up to a lot of things in one.

Tomorrow never comes.
But that's why we never say never.
Because it comes. It comes all over the world,
from the four corners of the Earth to the clouds we surf.
Told the fat boy he is going to wait until then.
Thought it would never even come.
They didn't know it was.


All for One, One At a Time.
Because it is, and always has been,
all about you - each and every one of you.
See yourself in the mirror of our days and times.
There is a star in the sky for each and every one of you.
Just as there is a star in the sky for each and every one of you.
The "shit" is not turds and the "fans" are not inanimate.
The shit is information and the fans are listeners.
This information isn't alien but alienated.
It isn't scary but you're told that is.
Living the Dream is sleeping.


That escalated quickly.
Interesting wasn't the word.
I wish I would have said "very".


  1. Dreaming about dreaming.
    Down an endless street.
    If you want to see, and achieve Real Dreams,
    Are for people who don't sleep.

    Some lyrics i wrote, inspired by the GTA mystery and in praise of the good work you are doing in taking the time to spark the minds. Don't give up, they might come around one day.

    Even if they don't you'll still have Kraff and i to kick it with after it's all over.

  2. If Kraff was a Professional Wrestler, i bet his theme music would be...


  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk4k46V0N-s

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlHpaypcQrw


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