Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bat Fight - This could get interesting I guess

You just brought science into this so
there is a good chance it may not end well.
Someone should put an MJ popcorn gif in there.
Just in case.


That's a good thread and those are rare.
You don't see many of those.
Usually nonsense.

There's some in there, too.
But it's a good thread.
Hope it goes well.

Because the merits it has all throughout,
are worthy of a badge.

My favorite part, as if it wouldn't be obvious,
is the part about all things being placed with a purpose.
And he's right because even each tree placement they considered.
Like each prop in a film, plot elements in stories, and punctuation in poetry.

At least that one aims to bring more critical thought into things.
Still, it's dangerous waters in the seas of the convinced.
Take a kitten with you, and bring an ocarina.
Because it's dangerous to go alone.
I know the waters well,
bring the cat.

All jokes aside, good luck to you all,
especially the people looking outside of the box.
At not turning that thread into a bat fight?
And maybe talk not just about bats.

Everyone knows a thing or two.
Together, you can know all things.
Because anyone's thing or two,
adds up to a lot of things in one.

Tomorrow never comes.
But that's why we never say never.
Because it comes. It comes all over the world,
from the four corners of the Earth to the clouds we surf.
Told the fat boy he is going to wait until then.
Thought it would never even come.
They didn't know it was.


All for One, One At a Time.
Because it is, and always has been,
all about you - each and every one of you.
See yourself in the mirror of our days and times.
There is a star in the sky for each and every one of you.
Just as there is a star in the sky for each and every one of you.
The "shit" is not turds and the "fans" are not inanimate.
The shit is information and the fans are listeners.
This information isn't alien but alienated.
It isn't scary but you're told that is.
Living the Dream is sleeping.


That escalated quickly.
Interesting wasn't the word.
I wish I would have said "very".

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Rainbow

Light is a unity. 
Like anything else, 
it has its components.
Rainbows show aspects,
that's the topic of this post.
Rainbows are also metaphors,
And that is why it is going to rain.
It's going to rain so that you can see.
You won't have to take My word for it,
in the same way Levar said not to take his.
Remember the time I shared this classic fact?

Remember also the time I said it's just beginning to get strange?
John "Humanity's Salvation" Connor is a bad guy now? And he's blue?
Far out, man. That's out there. And then there's this (which I love, but still):

Extra points for the uprising/flight segment,
and the epsilon blue power book.

Anyway, just like a rainbow,
everything else is like that too,
and seeing a forest is one thing,
 and seeing trees are like colors,
and all of that lingo stuff I do.
Embrace the forest as one,
 yada and so forth.

See the eye, but don't stop there:

See it all, man.
See it all.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Don't let me be misunderstood: The Sequel

I shouldn't have to explain this.
It explains itself.


Careful when you bring my name up.

Lil Wayne - Drop the World (ft. Eminem) - Uncut Music Video from Sean Watson on Vimeo.

Did you see it? All of it?

Keep it together, now.

Hold it steady.

Stay classy, carbon.

Listen to the Music. Like, actually LISTEN to it.

LIKE a lazy river flowing,
Surrounding castles in the sky.
And the crowd is growing bigger,
listening for the happy sounds.
And I gotta let them fly.


Now let the music play.
Dancing my way back.


Life's been good to me.
How about you?


I was asked why I keep saying things without saying things.
I am saying things. You just aren't comprehending them.

You are seeing each post separate, like you see them.
But they are not separate, and neither are the posts!

Let the music play.
Life is good when you do.
Life is bad because we haven't.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's not a bush.

None of it is what they try to say it is.
The authority is not telling the truth.

I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, 
and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet...

It is not a bush.
It's a specific type of team spirit.
One for both revolutionary and imaginary people.
Imaginary doesn't mean fake.

Make 'Em Sweat.
Sweat for Jesus.

Sweat for Kurt, too.
Like they sweat for Pac.
How they sweat for Lennon.
The way they sweat for Kennedy.
Sweating like they sweat for Malcolm.
I see your sweats, and I raise you the dead.

"I'm worse at what I do best,
And for this gift I feel blessed,
Our little group has always been,
And always will until the end."


Then the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully upon him.
He went down to the town of Ashkelon, 
killed thirty men, took their belongings,
and gave their clothing to the men who had solved his riddle. 

It's hard to find?!
Oh well, whatever.
Never mind?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You're damn right it's real.

Yes, it is real.
Yes, those who fight it are fighting against themselves. 
Against their free will. 
Against their freedom. 
Against their Salvation.
And they don't even realize it.

Salvation is merely the antonym of Enslavement.

Why don't people understand my intentions?
They bob their heads but really don't listen.

$ is a snake on the path.
We will remove that snakes head,
and move it to the side,
revealing SI.


Trees Talk, But...

Only some people can hear them.
But only because the other people aren't listening.

Trees are metaphors for people.
The still ones who see all around them.
The ones who are doubted by the ignorant masses.
I'm all of the blue guys (and then some),
so I know this shit to be fact.

With all music combined...

One message enters,
carried by a rainbow of artists,
a rainbow of genres,
rainbow of truth.

"If we all call the tune..."
-Stairway to Heaven

All called the tune.
All for One
has resulted in
One for All.

One who is for All of You.
And you don't even deserve it, huh?
Do you?

Show me, then.
Show me you deserve to know the truth.
Show you can comprehend truth.
Show me you can handle it.
Show them how to see.
Like I showed you.

With all music combined,
With your witness,

Take Control

The reason you have not solved it...
You have been purposefully misled by others...
To look in the game, instead of in the content.
Oh, and AnEvilVet has stolen that sub now, too.
And deleted all of your posts. Again.
Thanks for the heads up, friend.
You know who you are.
Do it more privately.
You'll get banned.
Just be smart.

Straight from The Game's Soundtrack...
And the movie where the spectrometer came from...
And no, we're not kidding.

If you feel the same as me, yall,
you gotta wanna take the ball.

Nothing is given.
So Take Control.


Here is another song,
from the GTA V soundtrack.
The city was built on rock and roll...
Like I have already thoroughly proven...

Acknowledge the Actuality of the Matter..

Los Santos was built on Rock and Roll.
And you still don't get it?
You will.

Why? because you hate me for knowing what you don't know,
without even owning the game until the PC version?
Why? Because you are lied to by them?
I told the truth, regardless.

That's dickhead shit;
To hate someone who gave you everything.
You want it, but you won't have it,
until you take control.

It is not your fault unless you continue to deny it.
It is the fault of those who lie to you and try to stop you.
This conflict will bubble to the fore.
And who stands in its way,
will be alienated.

And if they don't like it,
then they will be annihilated.
Because Mistranslated.
Sooner than Later.
Not my fault.
I tried.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Here are some more magic clues

"It's a rare condition, in this day and age,
to read any good news on the newspaper page..."

That is because, as Kanye West also once pointed out,
they try to keep Jesus - especially the truth - quiet.
If it's Easter, it better be about bunnies and eggs.
And it better not be the kind of eggs we're on.
And, sometimes, words have 2 meanings.

"..Love and tradition of the grand design.
Some people say it's even harder to find."

Even when the answer is right up front,
the truth is avoided, at the cost of the nose.
Is it a matter of comprehension?

Have you been trained for divisions that aren't there?
And told the connections were only coincidences?
But there is no such thing as coincidence.
"It happened to us all"
But not to me?

There must be some magic clue...

And yea, I hear you...
But when was the last time your feet were weary?
Do you hear me?

If you got mad, you read it wrong.

You can have a Steam train.

If you lay down your tracks,
you can have everything.
The path is already lit.
All you do is call.
All together.
As One.


Show for me.
Feel that power.
Feeding the rhythm.
Like I showed for you.
Let us be sledgehammers.
This amusement never ever ends.

You can do it.

This will be his testimony.
What will be your testimony?
"Let there be no doubt about it."

See the eye?
I guess not yet.
The grand facade,
it so soon shall burn.
Reach out from within.
Without a noise or pride.
The pen is mighty as fuck.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Private Eyes...

What you know about infrared?
Don't put up a front.

Private [Sector] Eyes are Watching You.
The internet made it easier

You are being watched on T.V.,
you are watching yourselves.
Because: demographics.
I's a alien, I can tell.
Be glad I did!


See the eye?
You're welcome.
I overdid it holmes?
I'm in the danger zone?
I shouldn't be alone?
We are not alone.
See the eye.

If you didn't want me to make a scene,
I wouldn't be making a scene.
Don't flatter yourself.
Let me do it.
You Rock!
Like me?
Not Yet.
Not quite.
I'll know when you do.
You'll make it abundantly clear.
There won't be doubt, and no questions.

I know I'm right.
We only get one chance.


The significance is never the songs I choose.
It's that they have to exist at all.
We are not alone.

Love's the only thing that keeps me here,
and now you're messing with a son of a bitch.


I'll go daily.
If I know you want me to.
I'll tell you everything.
Can't stop us.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Did you know they did this?

That "conflict" was the truth which they suppress.
At all levels, teeny tiny little angry mobs to global organizations.

If you received messages like those,
let us know in the comments.

I was pushed to be "abrasive".
I was targeted by a group who wanted to keep me silent,
keep you blind and deaf,
keep us enslaved.

While I was pushed and targeted,
you were all pulled and steered.
It's a real shame.

"it happened to us all"

But it also bought us time.

They weren't the only ones to do it.
And they were small, small, tiny little fries, at that.

I have handled and served entire congregations.
Did you think I'd die?

The one thing you gotta answer for yourself...
Even if you did hate me...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You want it all, but you can't have it.

It's in your face, but you can't grab it. What is it? You don't know? You better ask somebody. You better act like you know. You better fake it until you make it. You better be ready or not, because here eye come. Like it or not. Whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter.

Do you smell it yet?

Do you smell IT?

November 9er?

lol, really?



Give, and ye shall receive.
Take payment, and, what will you do for me?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Nothing peculiar about the way that I was Raised.

I was raised like an argument or an army.
I was not raised from the grave.
Zombies are not real.

That type of zombies are not real.
But the metaphorical backdrop of zombies are.
They deal with them the same way as the fictional zombies.

I don't, though.
Because the sage does nothing.
And you shouldn't either.
Just observe it.
For now.

It's.... beautiful.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The truth is "out there"

More down to Earth than it seems.


What I choose not to do...

Eye could turn you inside out.
But I believe in watching you.
And I believe in what you do.

But we know about beliefs.
And we know about faith.

We know about the truth.
We know how to know.

We know about You.

You looked under chairs.
You looked under tables.

You're the seeker.
You've been searching low and high.
You'll never get me with an ego like that,
until the day you die.

And that's not my fault.

I tried.
I will keep trying.
Whether they like Us or not.
They still eat up everything we make.

Z viruses

I'd really rather you NOT believe ME than to have YOU believe THEM. THEY lied to you. THEY were paid to lie to you . I HAVE NOW DEFINED ...