Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We've Got a Power That You've Never Seen Before.

We want you to have it.

No one will ever take US down.
The power lies on our side.
We fucking created it.

Whether anyone likes it or not,
they like it whether they know they do or not.

They fucking love it.
45 million copies later.
Pick a fucking series.
Pick a f'n genre.
Bitch Ass.

You are our children.

The fate of the world is lying in our hands.
We know we must only defend.
We cannot move freely,
until you do.

Them's the Rulez.

I'm-a pull a stunt for the southern belles.
Below, moran.

With deepest affections.

We've got your back when you move.
you've gotta be a

He never heard it in a book.
He never saw it in a show.

In fact,
He heard it in an alley,
now it's in his Rock and Roll.
Whether you Like it or Not.
God Damn it.


God Damned Casuals.

If you want a secret,
you've got to promise not to tell.

If you want to get to heaven...

Tupac Shakur was a victim of being before his time.
This is a commonly accepted fact.
The time is Now.


Don't you see it?

Help Us.
Like the graffiti.
And I will refrain a link.
You already know what we are.
You know what the time is and why now.
Stand Up.

And even though I Am marked for Death,
I'm going to spark your minds,
until I lose my breath.

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