Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Biggest Cult

For the last time until the next time it is said: "This is not a cult".

The biggest cult is the one which calls us a cult.

The thing about cults is that you do not know when you are in one.

If I were running or starting a cult, I would absolutely not tell you that.

In fact, if I were running a cult, I'd be actively trying to silence and discredit anyone who tries to tell you what I just told you. It's the biggest

It is the reason why I am actively kept silenced and people try to discredit me. You know, aside from the cloak-of-crazy that keeps them away from the real meaning of this blog. Which was never a karma theory but a karmic revelation instead.

It is the reason some countries get one version of a video game, and another country gets a censored version.

The biggest cult is the one which least considers itself a cult, and most calls 'cult' against others.

The biggest cult is the one which is not joined, but born into.

She sells sanctuary.
Buy it.

I see because it is my vision.
My vision is good.

We grow because we multiply.
Sales do not improve,
numbers do.

10 days for the Mirror People, 2015

It's not some stupid ass puzzle.
Mysteries are The Absence of Truth,
and Truth is the Vanquisher of Mysteries.

This Is the Turning Point.

 When the world drags you down,
remember the world is a cult,
blinded by its own beliefs,
all of which we taught,
to all of the world.

If I can do it, you can do it.
Monkey see and monkey do: Mankind.
Living proof there is a God, if you need a reason.

A sea of faceless faces blurred in an atmosphere of sweat,
over a firmament of feces, and a sea of salty seed.
A world of shit, not 'gotten' but 'born' into.
And it doesn't have to be this way.

It doesn't have to be this way.
Another world is possible.

They are trying to stop me.
But they can't stop the internet.

Bout to beam you up.
You be You, because I Am Me.
Just be yourself.

It's all that you can do.
For now.

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