Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Trumpets Blew With My Appearance? What?

They could almost hear it.
Putting animals in the clouds.

When doubters wish me hell upon my soul and spirit...
Behold these lyrics.


Do that. Yelawolf is good, man.

If you've read and gotten this blog, that song is powerful to hear.
You've discerned between themes and science, fiction and fact. 
You are not alone, I am still here with you.
You're my best friends.

I had to write ahead of time,
relying on time-stamps and the hopes that someone would read it.
Who has read ahead of time and sees what is being said today,
You're my best friends.

You can do this too.
And if you doubt yourself,
I can teach you.
Right here.

Eye to Eye?


  1. Does the name goofy have anything to do with me?

  2. Nice to see you writing again on here bro, missed this a lot so I have :)


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