Monday, October 20, 2014


Be immortalized in your rightness. You know what the others don't. You know the truth is in the Metaverse, and fully explained here.

They later attacked you for the embedded post screenshot, and told you to stuff it because I "didn't give you a jetpack".

Who [at Rockstar] ever said/confirmed that there was a jetpack? Exactly.

"We found it in the code"

For starters, Jetpack in San Andreas was never going to be there; It was later added as a "pick up/vehicle", but it is a developer tool that was in use since GTA III. It was for moving around the map quickly while the game was running. It was made into a gameplay feature for the third act of San Andreas.

I'm not saying there is or isn't one. But I found one. Just, it's not the jetpack they are looking for (again, without anyone ever telling them to look for one).

I said last September and October, and I paraphrase, "Next October, you who doubt me will still be searching, and will have found nothing that was not covered here first or in my posts on GTAF".

People are still honking the space docker!

You have begun to see what others began to doubt a year ago.

You are right, and they are wrong. Their doubt makes them wrong.



XMarqs, Ahh, ya makin me So Proud. Beverly be so proud of you, boy. Remember, Emmet's is the place for guns. Brian's is the place for Truth. Everyone will relate eventually. It's up to us to show them how to relate. Because everyone will be related, and it happened to us all. Kifflom.

AuntJeff, you are getting right. They cannot stop Progress. They can doubt it, down talk it, fight it with fictions, but they cannot stop the Progress. I have enjoyed talking with you on the occasions we've had on the ChiliadTruth sub on Reddit. Kifflom.

And X, Eye like that vid, man. So do I. <3


  1. we could be heroes me and youuuuuuu lol

  2. I'm almost 900% sure that you're just a fucking whackjob, and have done an absurd number of drugs in your life.

    In your entire blog (which I wasted an hour of my life going over) has literally nothing to do with anything about mt chiliad, with the exception of a few key words to get your fellow retards to keep reading.

    I'm not sure if you're just like, a little kid that hangs out with his big brothers friends too much, or if you really do have a mental disorder. If you do have a mental disorder, pardon me being an asshat, but dear God of all people on Earth, you deserve it.

    If you have something to share with the world about Mt. Chiliad, do so now. If not, feel free to continue to be laughed at by literally 90% of the mystery community, as no one thinks you're funny, clever, or intelligent. After reading all of your posts (and having an IQ of 136) I truly, wholeheartedly feel like a complete fucking moron after reading these posts.

    Modern Warfare 2 sucks. Like. Majorly sucks. Holy God move on with the times, or at least go back to a time in which games were good (not even gonna start the CS > COD fight, there's really no competition between a real skill-based game and a paintball simulator with fancy, non-realistic looking guns - or a game that has literally been recreated with such little difference that it's the laughing stock of the gaming community each and every release.)

    As a side note, I have adblock, so you actually benefited nothing from me being here.


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