Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Table of Contents for "The Shit Hits the Fans"

Keep an eye on this post to easily get updates as they are written on The Shit Hits the Fans. Each day there are new posts, those posts will be listed here in order of publication. Because it will be easiest for Epsilonists to read this way.

Your feedback is crucial, because we're taking this out of the simulation and into the realm now. So let me know if this is 1: helpful to those who have been confused so far 2: helpful to those who are not confused, but need better content to show others and 3: helpful to separate my role and fan renditions as Meech from the GTA Universe from the real Me, from, uh, this universe.

September 24, 2014:

Post 000: About The Shit Hits the Fans
Post 001: I know something You Don't Know.
Post 002: You Have Been Lied To
Post 003: Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Post 004: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, and Once Wished that I Could.
Post 005: Do You Have Skeletons In Your Closet?
Post 006: My Life

There are 85+ more posts on the way for Epsilonists to enjoy more than any other reading they ever enjoyed before, ever. Or, at least, you will like it a little bit. Maybe.

So keep up while it's early, and tell your fellow Epsilon Enthusiasts that the new blog is swinging like a sledgehammer and a double edged sword, in full effect, like the PS4 and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V.

Update #1 - September 25, 2014:

Post 007: Let there be No Doubt about it
Post 008: Are you Rockstar, or Poser?
Post 009: Triumph
Post 010: Monster
Post 011: See the Iris
Post 012: You Don't Have to Worry
Post 013: I Repeat, You Don't Have To Worry
Post 014: The Truth is Hard to Handle
Post 015: Where's your candle? Put it up.
Post 016: Be Happy
Post 017: The Superman Exists


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