Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simulation Complete. Thank you for Participating.

Now we're on to the real, and we're DOING IT LIVE.

The new blog is called The Shit Hits The Fans. It is found Here.

Like this Unwritten Tract, which you definitely should read if you haven't already, the new blog is intended to be read in Chronological Order.

This is the First Post.

The blog you are on now, this blog, here are some explanations:

When I role played Brian Meech, I spoke a lot to myself, and to others.

I had to do things this way so that everyone could relate.

How could you ever relate to me, to us all, unless I spoke to myself in a way that you could relate? How could I ever do that unless I donned an alter ego?

Eventually in these pages, you saw the created become the creator. This is contagious. Prepare for the BrianStorm. Prepare to bear witness. The time is at hand.

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