Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Addressing the Chiliad

Hello Truth Seekers. You found me, you just don't know it yet.

I have recently seen people saying that my works are too cryptic.

You must understand that there is really nothing cryptic about these works.

These works are designed intelligently and channel a need for a group - a chiliad - to come together.

You may gain the external sight and the external vision on your own, but that is very rare as I have come to see that very few have raised up beside me so far.

Some of you may know what 90% of you don't. Those 90% will see a passage as cryptic. You are the 10% who will show them it's not, and it's just alien to them.

The alien has landed. My UFO is gearing up and getting ready, and they are very excited to help you.

90% of this content for any given person will be "cryptic", but really, you just are lacking team work.

Come full circle and ask each other if anyone knows what this-or-that means - you will be surprised.

You must get over your ego and feeling like "I will look stupid" - you will not look stupid. Even a genius asks his questions.

It's okay. For once, there are answers. And they are the answers he told you there would be. Let it be as it was promised it would be. By me before now, and by my choir before me now in my new name.

If you are with me now, show me a sign. Put your fucking lights up.


  1. glad to see you haven't given up on them

    also lol'd when i saw "very few have raised up beside me so far"


  3. the link for let it be is down, but here's a good cover:


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