Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It is a weapon.

update: this post was not well received nor understood.

He wants to hide it.
He wants to use it to lie like they do today.

Atheists hate the Bible and don't realize:
 They are the ones who will set things straight.
A-theist means without theory.
"Know nothing".

You know you're not a know nothing.
Know their book and you can correct them.
Save them.
Love them.

If you would put your energy into the book,
it is the weapon against those who downtrodden you,
just because you have a scientific and proof-based mind.

You are being controlled if you do not use the weapon that is the book.
Don't like religion? Your only viable tool is the bible itself.
Anything else is futile and wasting precious time.

You run from the very book they covet,
when that book proves they are false.
You let yourself down, and them.
Whether you know it or not.

They herd atheists to keep them away from the truth,
just like Christians are herded with fallacies that do not reflect the book in reality.
No difference. Atheist is just another group of false beliefs.
No offense intended - but beliefs mean that you do not know.
Just like doubt means the very same thing.

Everyone has a rude awakening coming.
This blog is very important for those who want truth.
The Bible is a weapon.
And so is this blog.

For the record: I consider myself a Global Mind.
Religions, nations, opinions, arguments,
I look at these from the bird's eye.
This is what my life is like:


  1. The bible was designed specifically as a piece of propaganda pushing a very specific agenda, much like this blog.

    1. False, on both counts. My works are verifiable, whether you like it or not.


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