Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am the Helper

I am the helper.
Blessed is he who helps me.
People say he is referring to the holy spirit.
They are wrong.

He who helps me uses the holy spirit.
Like he who plays for the team has team spirit.
Who is me? I am I. You are Me.

Be a helper.
Not a hinderer.

What's your issue in life?
Did you know Jesus fixes all of that shit?
I'm not saying that in a way you are used to hearing it.
If you've read along through the journey, you already know that.

Even if you never noticed it before.
And when you see it, you'll see it.

And no one can tell you the truth.
Can't tell me nuthin' either.
I can talk the truth.
No doubt.

I Paint the Picture.
So I know when the picture is painted.
God Bless the Dead,
who are alive in Me.


  1. Trying to reacj you for clarification. So far in pursuit of a thesis Ive come to this. The game is Karma based. With this in mind I started a new game. I stopped pursuing missions once Franklin entered free roam. Ive noticed some of the strangers I.e the zombie are there. Ive been not breaking any laws. I.e killing, stealing cars. I dont know if I need to unlock Micheal and instead of Killing trevor like I thought was necessary, just not unlock him at all. Ive realized the wctr station talks of epsilon, ive noticed the station changes when headed toward mount chiliad. Any revelation for me? Ive been trying to get ppl to come here. Ive comment on every youtube channel I could find with the comments not disabled. Thanks

    1. Why haven't I seen traffic from there? Strange.

  2. what would be the correct way to read it as what you say interests me


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