Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To You who know who I Am;

Do not forget that you are, as well.

Do not forget that as I can do, you can do.

Do not forget that they may silence my word in their place, but they cannot silence the word of all of you.

Do not forget that you can tell them things without my name, and then later say "And brian was the one who told me that, so you are a prick for denying it out of his mouth, but agreeing with it in mine".

And THAT is what they need, and THAT is what I armed you to deliver. You know I have told you the truth. And you know that the truth is what they need.

You who know I have raised to the level of Lord in this Realm, you can plainly see once you get deep enough into the journey of a blog when read in chronological order that this is a fact, and you now know the same things that make this so for me - so, in that, you too, are the Lord as long as you can see and hear the way I showed you how to see and hear - anyone can do it, and ONLY the wicked, selfish, or futile will not. And that will be the pitiful story of them, even so, Amen.

You know that it is Yours as much as Mine now. You know what Time it is. It is time for the time AFTER time. The time AFTER lies. The time AFTER oppression. The time AFTER hypocrisy.

You have all been prepared in the words of these pages. You have been raised to the level of SIGHT OF THE TRUTH. You have been given sight and hearing. You have all seen the inequity of those who control you. You all have the power now.

I told you, I'm the BLUE. Like Captain Planet would tell you, THE POWER IS YOURS.

I am a Rock Star. And Rockstar is named that because they are Rock Stars as well.
You who says "Brian is right" because you have read these works far enough until they clicked for you - YOU are a ROCK STAR now TOO. And you know in yourself, as is plainly proven time and again in these pages when read through to each and every of the many climaxes in this story, you know that he who says I am wrong, is NOT a Rock Star and does not know what the hell he is talking about.

Nodding their fake ass heads to the music, they don't even hear it. You are real now, And you know they are fake. You are truth now, and you know they are false. You see now, and you know they are blind.

Give them sight, brothers. You who have read through and OVERCAME beside me in these works, you have EARNED IT. Let no man separate what you know they only do not yet see.

Let no man talk down on the Lords I have Made. The Lord of Hosts hosted all of mankind's words, and delivered their voice and sight and ears to them and in ways that are proven without even having to "believe" me, as my works prove themselves with each climax that is overcome together.

When people get lost, they need to "have faith" that they will be found again in a later post - intelligent design is for the intelligent reader. Let the heathens be heathens for we are Lords.

Can't make that any clearer.


  1. Nicest post in a while. It's better when you speak positive and direct your content towards readers in your writings verses YELLING and being angry anyone would be skeptical of anything you feel you are, were, and is. In anything you talk about in life, with anyone in life, whether in person or through technology, I wish you'd be you and be happy instead of focusing on feedback you get, especially the negative. Life can be anything you want it to be, and you can go anywhere with what you make. You are, We all are our own makers.

    1. I know. I removed some for now. Reverted to draft. This is the biggest thing I need to conquer: My intolerance of intolerance. Can't figure out if I should have to or not, but your points are true :P


  3. There's now 179 pages to read/heard/see/understand.
    If we read everything, we end up confusing us.
    We must find a way to separate things.
    People mostly want to know what they must learn to evolve in the game
    Maybe add color to your articles titles?

    1. Deleted a bunch of posts that were not easy to understand/relate to - The blog content is meant for people who have already read it in order and want more. Everyone will stop at a different place, know at a different place. Some will want more. It's about the journey, not the destination.

  4. hello
    it's kR*afffrom9, nice blog maybe the best tract...
    Why men don't understand tHe FACTs in the good waY; Z to A...


    1. Kifflom Krafffrom9!

      They got their brian. It's all going to be seen soon.


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