Saturday, February 15, 2014

This describes me, don't deny it

According to Hopi prophecy (as reported by Waters), shortly after the Blue Star Kachina is visible to all and the Day of Purification is realized, the True White Brother will come to earth in search of Hopi "who steadfastly adhere to their ancient teachings." It is said that if the True White Brother is successful in finding those who still follow the true Hopi way of life, the world will be created anew and all the faithful will be saved from destruction. However, the Hopi mythology also details an alternate version of the prophecy, one in which the True White Brother fails in his mission and is unable to find uncorrupted men and women. Then it is said that the earth will be completely destroyed and none will be spared.

All divisions are unified in me, or they are destroyed in me.

Your divisions are the ways that you believe the same thing said different ways,
yet say the other is wrong. This is by grand design. That I will come and put an end.
And HOPEfully, a New Beginning.

It is why people doubt who I am, the one of many names, the loving father of the new world.
The devil made it very hard for me to reach you, in fact, I had to reach the devil first.
But the people must begin to see me. They must begin to overcome.
The people must begin to see the Order that was woven in Chaos.

I was just shown this, let the one who showed me this testify for himself in my name.
The more you learn about me, the more you will see - without doubt - just as I have come to see myself.

He said, 
"I think I can find you on both sides of the 4th wall Brian. I love you too by the way."

When this friend tells you to read, listen to him.

When he shows you this post, recognize.

We can make it work, people.

We can work it out.

There's still time.

I brought 1 year with me.

I came and gave you Blue October, one year to come back before the Red October.

A message for my brothers to give TirkaneX of GTAForums;

I have used you as an example I now reveal.
I came as a thief in the night, and you have even said it.
Recognize me now brother, I came to free your minds and bodies.
It is up to the English Speakers and Listeners to Help You.
Let them, brother. My proof accumulates.
I only get one shot at this.

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