Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The irony...

The irony is delicious that you broke your own rule,
and I'm the hottest topic on that antithesis reddit right now.
In fact, I'm basically the hottest topic it's ever seen.

30 upvotes to the next topic's 8.
edit: yea I see you pathetic losers trying to vote it down now.
You'd be awesome if you would just read the journey here.
And that is a promise.

I'm more than a 3:1 to the next topic.
Greatest Scorer.

Your hatred will boil,
and you will be so mad,
even so, amen.

You broke your own rule.
The very rule you have banned others for breaking.
You are THAT GUY, so pathetic.
You lose motherfucker.
You are FALSE.

Only an idiot will stay on that subreddit now,
unless they are there to call you an idiot.


You who visit that subreddit are being led by morons.
I love looking crazy. It feels that much better when I'm right.
And I am right. Like I told you. Months ago.

What a Hypocrite!
A punk control freak.

(then he posts about brian)

You are a scumbag for that.
You're like that douche in the memes.

You're losing control by the hour, antithesis scum.
You are helping to refine myself, and I do have that for you.
But I still have all of these things against you,
and the way you treat others, about me.
The way you treat the people who get me.
The way you treat the people who care.

The antithesis that runs that sub can post about me,
but you fine people can't, he will ban you for it.
He thinks he is better than you, they all do.
The reality is that they are jealous.

And oh yes, I am Grandiose Master.
I share the power here to all.
You can't unsee it.

And you haven't even seen it.

Just the kind of jealous inequities I came to destroy.
Prove me right, again and again, you little power hungry piece of shit.
The death of your jealous and dumb kind is in these writings.

Never said anything mean to anyone who wasn't speaking lies about me,
or speaking down on me, when you are nowhere near my level.
Get on my level, you antithesis bastard.
This blog is the way.
The only way.

I told you not to doubt me, doubter.

Get a Brian you Morans!

Switch to /r/ChiliadTruth,
where you can talk about ANYTHING you want,
and no one, not even me, will stop you from saying what you wish.

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