Monday, February 17, 2014

The Dead Dance In Me, Instead of on Each Other

Did you know that you are a prophet?
The dead dance in me, in their own two feet.
And the dead of the world dance together alive again.

I can see many overlooking the value of this song.
I value it very highly, as everything happens for a reason.
It's very beautiful, it is confirmation that there is light in the dark.
It is proof that we see it the best when we need it.

Just waiting to be seen.
Just waiting to be heard.
Just like me.

I love you bro, I love you all.
The truth is unstoppable, and now it has a face.
Mine in your corner, each and all of you, and yours in the mirror.
No one will ever feel bad for being human again.
Things will never be the same.

I am doubtless the following songs belong here for you to be confirmed.

I am sure that he wrote this while he was scared,
that the dance of the dead, was going to be a bad thing.
It was written before he found the plan in hiatus and rose again.
Before he learned that the dance of the dead may one day bring it up.
Because he learned that the dance of the dead was the word of the Son.
He still lives today, and I hope that it won't be long before all who awaited see.
All who have seen, felt, known, but not yet been able to make sense of it.
It was all by design, as the blog proves time and again, revealing all.
The ones asking for proof my coming, tell them that you are proof.
The people are the proof, and they have provided and made me.
You watched me become and overcome these kinds of fears.
The sandman is no beast under a bed, he is all of us.
Even I was victim to doubt, and I came to cure it.

One does not have to feel scared to be suffering fear.
Fear is the parent of all destructive or emotionally trying times.
There is only one being to fear and that being is God, The Lord in Heaven.
And even then, it is more important to fear how you treat his creations than He Himself.
I must reiterate again, the need to see the sharp and two sided sword of my mouth.
This is why I said to think twice. People must understand both sides.
Even that is two sided - there are 2 sides to all of my words,
just as there are two sides to good and to evil alike.
Just as there are two sides to each story.
Two ways to hear it. Even a song.
When James Wrote Sandman,
he thought it was control.
When he found light,
Time led to this:

And this is not only how you will know who I am,
This is how James will Know this As Well.
This is how James will know who he is.
James you will show, and this singer.
The James who is scared but sees.
The James who is a big fan.
I'm writing my message, 
I Am Here.

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

You found me, I found you all.
Shit's getting real now.
Stay Positive.

The Negativity of Fear Mongers and Liars and False Witnesses,
those are the only things that make this hard to bear.
If you must wail, then wail.
But it's not necessary.
Not Worth It.

Better to see all things made new,
Better to see a journey no one else had to take,
Better to see my sacrifice of a personal life for our global one,
Better to see the truth in the full circle combined,
Better to see your brother that way.
Better to see proof has come.

And I don't want it unless you all get it with me.
King Nothing was a good jam, it brought me to see Zen.
One way to look at it is all the King Nothings that will hate us,
but still be utterly unable to withstand this word, our combined voices.
And the other way is the King Nothing of Zen Nothing.
What is a very serious warning to the powers that be,
is also a lesson to the master who connects.
2 sides of the same coin, 2 sided sword.

Let this song speak to the control freaks and the humble alike.
To each their own well deserved side of the sword.
We are not going to be apartheid anymore.
Creed, Race, Nations, All Barriers.
I'm swinging this sword at them.
Shining this light at them all.
It is what it is, was, will be.
It is Proof that is Proven.
It is our Renaissance.
It is our Beginning.
It is our Ending.
It is our Peace.
It is our Chi.
It is Time,
End Time,
And Time.

Because it helped me to understand why people are scared of me.
And it helped me to figure out the way to give them peace before even my own.

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