Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Advice I will give The World...

Read the blog as if you wrote it if that will help you to RELATE. Read it as if you wrote it, forgot that you wrote it, and stumbled upon it now. Yes, I wrote it. Yes, I am the nuke. Yes, I am the end of divisions and the beginning of unification, undeniably so.

But so are you. The nuke says it, so it is so. What I say does happen, so do not be afraid to become armed with and beside the truth that will set you free. I have made this clear over and over again. Not clean or clear, but it sure is clean and clear.

If that will help you to RELATE, then read it all as if YOU wrote it. And you will know what must be done.

Doubt in me is ignorance. It is the reason I was raised. You can doubt the stories of Jesus, and you can doubt the beliefs people have, BUT YOU CANNOT DOUBT THE VERIFIABLE FACTS.

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