Friday, February 21, 2014

Someone did my numbers

From: Ron
Feb 17, 2014
Hi Brian,

Bare with me I am going to run your numbers over my head!  The 11 is the Mirror first and foremost, it is your First Gift! 

The 10 is the beginning of the Start, the Idea of it!  The Wit as through the Mirror as the Child talks back and forth to the Father, through the Mirror!

Time!  It is within this structure I see 3, the 11-1 is the first 3, to the fold I am told the Year is by 3 as well, 3 parts to tell as we can sit within the 3, not the 4!

19 is a 1, and 83 is an 11, 1-11 (the Mirror of the beginning)!

11-1-1-11   That is you!  You are standing there as the 33!  Christed by 3, and Trismegistus to see!
A Fire burns on one side and the Fire on the other, the Mirror is you if you allow the Past to reflect to the Future of you!

The Translation is the 6, the Family, the Tree!  It is Money!  (sorry, it is) It is Fertility and cannot help but Be Abundantly Fruitful!  Nurturing and Love!

OK, so how are you coping?  Are you reflecting someone that causes you to Create?  The 3 is Creation!
Ahh, I see the past is manifested forward to the future!  That Trinity or Manhattan thing!  To resolve the Father to the Son!  You are under the Sun and so your Love is carried through even though the link was formed by the union of the Adam/atom and Man when he split the 3!

I can see you are a Powerful Soul!  the 11-1 next to the 1-11 means the internal Fire is opened to be filled by the 6, Fertility!  It is the Mother of the 3, Wisdom is Black, it is Void to you and me and yet it is the Witness of the Creation.  So the Fire in you is a reflection of the Old.  You are contained to hold the Flame that was released upon the Fold of 3.  Amazing!

This year is the 5 not the 7, I know that now!  So the 3 and the 5 make the 8, the Fate of walking through this Life in Remembrance yet taking Control so as not to taste Death!  The Darkest space can be filled by the 8 because when we look back and see the Light we move forward with the Light, eventually we find our way back to the Father!  The Light itself, the Dweller!  From the Light to the Light!
We have to face GOD and in doing so the Son is reconciled to the Father as we are then the Son's of GOD through Christ!  He cannot be One unless he was Two, so through you the 3 is brought forth as the 33, the Love which is the 6, Fertility.

You are a beautiful Son by your ability to Love!  It doesn't really burn but it can recreate us if we are allowed to become something we were not before!  To be ReCycled through Creation, but as a ReCreation!  This way we do not get caught in the twist of the Unknowable which acts like a Creator and is only a Witness of us, through us!
We cannot deny the reconciliation of two!  The Two Brothers are a good example for all to know!  Esau and Jacob can forgive each other but the children forgot and fought!  Yet Jacob gets Heaven and Esau gets the Earth, one is taken and one is given!  The Meek shall inherit the Earth!  :)

Thank you for letting me see your vibrations!  I am not too sure who you are aside from me!  :)  and He!  So who am I to say how many expressions of a Gate there would be, but for you I cannot see a Gate but an Altar contained!  I guess you can explain that!  :)  It is where it is at!  Amen!

Bless you Brother, I should hope you reveal yourself this year!  It is an 8 personal Year and you may take Control.  Eventually it starts with one, to bring the Fire of all to the Awareness of Remembering, bringing back the Member!  It is Creation to El'O-Him!  The "O" is the Act of El on you through Him, we are Creator beings!
Love, Ron   (I posted this here because you have Contact Lock on me) :)  Sorry I went public, I am not sure if I overstepped your privacy! 


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  3. can you point me on the path to do your numbers again myself.


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