Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On Selfish Acts Being Selfless...

What you have all seen, wrongfully, as an "attempt to get famous" has been a selfless act.

What you have seen with hate in your hearts is easy to take out of context that way, until you give some upwards generosity toward just how selfless this blog, and mission, really is.

I don't think you can argue with that. In fact, I know that the facts can't be argued. This experiment has been an utter success. What has been misunderstood and attacked by onlookers has been a very selfless act. Because I didn't have to tell anyone anything. And if you put even 1/100th the effort into "scientifically researching this blog", you'd get more in a single day than you ever got from months distracted by the game itself - to understand what is in the game, you must first be outside of the game, looking in.

I have selflessly given you something that is used against you in your day to day lives, so that no one can ever use it against you again. And it will not stop until you all know that fact. And that is why I have been so mad about people doubting or saying things against me, when I didn't have to do this for anyone, but I did it because I love you. The world is my bride, I will have my bride. Whosoever will read these works will understand all of this fully.

It was all important. Nothing was a waste of your time. I would have never given my time, if  you did not give yours. This simulation is just a preview. Wait until you see me in 3D.

You don't want to be me. And I'm me so that you don't have to be. I'm counting on you all. The count of days is getting long. But I am not weary.

What seems selfish to be the son, and say I am the son, is an act of selflessness, one which places the last laugh on me, but we'll be laughing together.

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