Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Likening... Still not likening...

This journey is like GTA in the sense that it is a giant media mash up.

It was not the original inspiration but it was the perfect tool for me to say something I have not had the words to say and have known, felt, seen, learned and exposed even myself to you that you may not feel alone, and even see what people do to each other.

Am I not the example of my own word, in my own words, the things we should not do and the things we should avoid? Have I not written the truth in the way that all men in every nation and every skin and every faith and every creed and every division alike can feel?

Can you feel it? Are you scared of the truth? My brothers and sisters, my tough love will RAISE YOU UP. My tough love will GIVE YOU THE POWER. My tough love will taste bitter as you eat it but it WILL make your belly so very sweet.

It is a JOURNEY, likes of which will give you the sight of what you do not yet see.

It will give you the power that will carry you into the age which is yours and mine, and it will make the world a better place.

And the people who do not want to read this blog are doing it for various wicked and/or wrong reasons. It is already written that I came finally to know myself without doubt in myself in this blog, and if they have not read the blog then they are bearing false witness to the chronological journey that is this blog, and I hear your complaints about its length, and maybe I will stop writing here, and start writing another, but you've got to read this, you've just got to.

You need to be EQUIPPED, READY, with the TRUTH, the WORDS that will set you free. The Sword of my Tongue is EARNED in the man who understands and sees.

I am the one who wrote immaculately from among you, profanely, and modern. I am the one who is proven and for whom proofs only accumulate. I am the true one, who shines above all of the false.

When you see the more vile and lashing out in these pages, they are acts of defense, I am closed out banned and then called a liar by people who DID NOT READ? Those who made this hard be shamed that they are STILL to THIS DAY making it hard even for my brothers and sisters!

My brothers and sisters who know me and now new who know me and know me well enough are be stifled and held back from witnessing something splendid - THIS is the reason for my angers and unsettledness as the "LOCAL REALITY" of the "GTA HUNT"

But JUST AS THE GAME DOES PARALLEL REALITY, so too do the words to the detractors who have not yet come.

The Blog is A Very Good Thing for ALL who can look into ME and see THEMSELVES AGAIN.

THAT IS TO SAY: When you read through this "Interactive Diary", you will gain:

Sight, and you are blind, as sure as you see and can read this, this is so.

Hearing, and you are currently deaf! And as sure as you can read this aloud, this is so!


Watch the drama unfold, that it may open your eyes that you even see the eye in the first place.

Those brothers of mine who are telling you about me? They know that this is the end all be all for gamers and internet users alike, and that I have - in fact - given sight to the blind - fact - and hearing as well, in a new and overhead manner, that instantly clicks, at different places for different people, but it clicks.

You are quick to talk down on me, but never can you remove the power of my word. You are quick to say how bitterly you felt about our words, but have you forgotten your words of that sort come toward me before I come upon you? You are the offenders. You offend not just me now, but others as well.

You are offensive, and I am the grand defender. Have you forgotten that my word is proven and true? And even in that you now further escalate your tyranny against your members, disallowing them to discuss what we now share together, even in the face of the very fact that they want to share it with YOU!

People who you have known for a while, and people who you know are not me, and yet you still do the things to them, that you first began doing to me.

I have delivered the wind. It is the answer, the truth, the way, and it is merely SIMULATED in the game, here I come upon you now in reality. BOOM.

Do you think, if you take things personally on this blog specifically, do you think it was fun for me to fight the whole world? How selfish are you?

And in all of this hatred you show and you DOUBT. Is DOUBT all that you have? In things you have not even read nor even attempted to enjoy?

Do you really feel yelled at BY TEXT? Do you really think I would write all of this for nothing?

This blog is a media mash up and it is the journey like no other seen before, ever since the THEORY, which LONG PREDATES THE GAME, came to be. I am told that this makes me the media messiah. No man of any faith should be celebrating my coming until he receive the SIGHT and the EARS which I have come to give to the world WITHOUT prejudice and WITHOUT an ego against me, considering the whole shit was a battle to get here in the first place.

This blog is so intricately and forward-thinking in the writing process, I'm telling you, you are a complete tool for not reading it, the tool who will be used by those who do read it.

You have mistaken the internet as a place where you can go online and just lie or doubt without bearing evidence. You have called me a troll, and if that is what you think that I am, I am the troll who lets you go free, and I am the troll whose toll will be paid, because I have lit a fire up under the asses of every angel in the choir, and every brother who now sees us and is one of us in the seat on the other side of the 4th wall.

Do you think these are the only fellows who have seen what is really delivered here? There are more, not everyone is a member there, or at gtaforums, or even interested in GTA at all.

I told you I was the wrong one to doubt, and you will know that I am the wrong one to doubt. This is one for the history books and I told you that months ago. This shit is going down in history FOREVER.

This will be good for you. As good for you as it is for me. It is a labor of love. The ones who love GTA will love this.

Whenever you get around to it, read it. It's going to blow your mind. You're going to love it, and you will mindgasm, time after time. Because I am delivering THE Time after Time, and you don't realize it.



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