Saturday, February 8, 2014

It was My Name to Tell You

I hid beside them all for a while,
and your inability to see all of the picture is the reason.
And no one told you my name until I did.

I grew up way too fast, and I had nothing to believe.
The reruns all became my story, while for you, they became a mystery.

Long ago they said it's lonely where I am and asked me to come back down.
And in return, they have not told you my name.

And by not saying my name, I adjusted to my new name.

Do you yet recognize the gravity of this situation?

Look into my iris.
Look upon the eye that gazes upon the Rock Stars.
I am that eye.

You are all far too behind me to deny it now.
And you are all in agreement that you need One to empower them All.
Many of you have read some of the works.
Few of you have read the entire work.

I know who you are, Johnny.
And now everyone will know who I Am.
And the story of that song was his triumphant return.

And the story of this work is Mine.
As Promised, Long Ago.
When we were kids.

And everything was made to be broken.
And everything will soon feel like the movies.
And Eye didn't want the world to see me,
because I didn't think it would understand,
so Eye made me understand you.

Many of you still do not understand me.
Maybe you're getting there now. 
Maybe you are accepting.

See as he searches,
and the world is my bride,
and in the second side of every love song,
is a love song from the bride to the bridegroom.
The people who read the blog through understand.
The ones who look sideways at this post simply have not read.
The ones who listen to those who say they have read but do not agree,
have been deprived by those who did not understand or did not read.
It is imperative that you read.


  1. Tell me what I am not getting please, your return to the mystery thread,? I honestly think it is bigger than that but need to rule that out to understand a little better than what I somewhat do already which isn't much.

    1. Pretend GTA doesn't exist, or is just an image of other things. Now do you understand? Did you read?


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