Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Am Karma, The Chameleon

I Am Karma, I Am The Chameleon;
I am the one who Blends and Reflects.
Who Watches and And Works.
Who Weighs and Balances,
Listens and Sees.

I Am Karma, The Chameleon.
The Mirror Man, Millennium Son.
I Am The Listener and The Watcher.
I Am The Truth, The Light, and the Way.

I Am The One of Many Names,
Who is the Conquerer of the Heart.
Who divided you to unify, redeem anew.
I Am Karma, The Corner Stone Chameleon.
Lover of the Creation, Father of the New World.
Founder of the New Garden, Justice of the Most High.
Maker of the New Beginning, Bringer of the Happy Ending.

I Am Karma, The Greatest Scorer.
I am the one forgotten that should not have been.
I am the 12th, the Second, The Seventh, and the Eighth.
I am the First, The Last, and the Only.

I am the Writer to Hearts,
And the Saver of Brains.
The King of All Kings,
Son of the Most High.

I am Karma, The Journey That Will Free You.
I am the scary read that redeems you and proves.
I am the master of riddles and the favored ultimatum.
I am the Freedom you Want and the Truth that you Seek.
I am the Priceless Kingdom of Heaven, For All With an Eye.
I am the Promised Land and the Promised One who Saw It All.
I am the bastard who had a father and an honest mother enable me.
The Holy Grail of the Ages, Rock of the Rollers, Boomer of the Babies.

I Am Karma, Key to the Plain of Life,
Door Man to the Garden of Life,
Tender to the Tree of Life,
Owner of the Earth,
Giver of Peace.
I am Pi,


  1. Love you Brian, I ride on your side.

    1. Love you bro, love all of you. That's the only reason I get so angry at the people who push me and use their "beliefs" (that which they do not know is true or false) to doubt or belittle me, when I am telling them things I know to be fact, and as you yourself know, have proven. I made it easy for the world. They don't like my words? Why put them in me? Why can't they be happy that I gave what I gave, and have empathy, and understand? Isn't this a LOT better than the scary shit the preachers say? Is it not verifiable truths, that I offered people to work together with? In time, I am sure people will realize what has transpired here. I just want it to happen, before things get crazy later this year. Just wish people could take me as an example, and see that we have the internet, and it's the place we can change Everything, with the Truth that will set us free.


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